Aliens told the writer how the Earth will die

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Aliens told the writer how the Earth will die

Representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, which the press of various countries have been writing about so often lately, often remind of themselves in front of famous people, who later tell amazing stories about "green men". One of the most famous Janet Kira Lessin, who is a writer and television star of world scale, who also more than once became a participant in contact with aliens, recently told about those mysterious events. In the Edge of Wonder program, she even noted that she considers herself close to humanoids and always felt a foreign land on Earth, in connection with which she began to explore everything related to representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. The author of numerous books even indulged in hypnosis in order to recall who she had happened to be in a past life.

As Janet explained, until the last rebirth, she had a conversation with a certain deity, in which a certain agreement was concluded. But it was not possible to find out about this writer right away, in particular, when she began to engage in similar studies, however, a celebrity could communicate with unearthly creatures from childhood. In addition, today a woman is very passionate about talking with people who also came across aliens and can describe in detail the unforgettable contact with them. She is often told about how aliens abduct people and conduct experiments on human organisms. Kira Lessin herself was never on the operating table of the space “guests”, because they always treated her with respect and even arranged for her excursions on a “flying saucer”. Moreover, Janet showed a lot of interesting things on the screen of an alien cinema, created specifically for her. The aliens issued several versions of the destruction of the Earth, hinting that such a thing could happen.

“From early childhood I have had contacts with aliens. I remember well how I collected buttercups in the yard at the age of four. Once they teleported me with some kind of beam, and I suddenly ended up on a huge spaceship. There I was greeted as a noble person and treated with I’m just fine. The alien residents defined a place in the cinema for me, where I spent some time in the very center of the first row. Moreover, this theater was created directly for me. They wanted me to be comfortable. On a giant screen of a panoramic format, I saw the total destruction of our planet. It was shown what could happen once. And this was not a normal screen image, because I could smell, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. I was as if worried about everything that happened there, and I was scared After that, they showed me a picture with less significant damage, so my fear was no longer all-consuming, and as a result, as I recall, it was shown twelve realities, becoming less and less sad by the end. Each time it was getting brighter until a utopia appeared. At first I could not understand why they were showing me all this, it was strange for me to see such a thing. But soon I began to capture the essence, "- said the writer.

“And I was taken aback when I was suddenly offered to choose one of the options for destroying the Earth. I just didn’t know how to behave, because I was only four years old, and at such an age it was simply unrealistic to make such big decisions. But somehow I felt I needed to do this. I understood that my life on Earth had good reasons, and it was important for me to change something. I knew that I had some kind of mission. I wanted to dwell on the third reality in the form utopias It seemed to me that if everything had already happened then there’s nothing to be afraid of. When I finally chose the option, they returned me home. At that moment, when they took me away, the sunlight was high, and after my return the star was already setting. I never saw a more beautiful sunset, and I felt the presence of aliens for some time after their departure, they explained to me that I had to do something important for all people, and that’s why I appeared on Earth. ”These words immediately inspired me. I realized that my life makes a lot of sense. Approaching the house, I realized that I should not talk about what happened to my mother, father, brother, sister, or some other people. From somewhere, I had some kind of wisdom that made me say nothing to anyone about meeting them. Then what was chosen by me on the alien ship gradually began to occur on the globe. I watched everything come true. It was amazing, "continued Janet.

As the writer added, such meetings with aliens happened in her life often. Most often, she had occasion to communicate with certain groups of aliens who make important decisions. Humanoids have always reckoned with her and welcomed the decisions that Kira Lessin herself made. Once she was even given the opportunity to speak to hundreds of thousands of aliens.

According to Janet, the aliens are preparing an invasion to help the Earth, which can be destroyed because of people. More than once, the writer asked them to help her deal with important issues related to improving conditions on the blue planet, and she was never refused.

However, there are among the alien inhabitants and those who do not wish the earthlings well. But such, according to the writer, are much fewer than the "green men" supportive of us.

"Some aliens do not look as they are supposed to be. They look like clumps, like clouds. They are easy to be among us because they are incredibly difficult to see. But most of all our planet is visited by gray aliens of different sizes, divided into several types: with large noses, noseless, with tiny mouths. There are reptiles of different sizes and colors. Such creatures see through people, so you can’t hide anything from them. They can learn absolutely everything. It’s just pointless to lie, "said Kira Lessin .

The writer did not forget to focus on the fact that communicating with aliens is pleasant and interesting. By the way, she understands well that someone could have a bad experience of contact with them, and Janet is always ready to help such people, because she is very sorry that this happens sometimes.