Alyssa Carson hit the Internet with the desire to become the first man on Mars

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Alyssa Carson hit the Internet with the desire to become the first man on Mars

While space dealers from different countries argue over which of them will be the first person to set foot on the surface of Mars, the young resident of the United States of America by the name of Alyssa Carson has almost no doubt that the upcoming title will belong to her. Thanks to her astounding dream and phenomenal perseverance, the smiling person gained more than six thousand followers on the social network Twitter, received an article about herself on Wikipedia and was mentioned in leading Western news agencies such as Fox News, ABC, Daily Mail, The Sun and Mirror.

The 17-year-old American lives in Hammond, Louisiana, and is in high school. The girl has been preparing for ten years to translate her venture into reality in order to eventually go to the Red Planet in 2033, when the National Space Agency will equip the corresponding mission.

For the first time, Alissa thought about space plans at the age of three, watching one of the episodes of the cartoon "Fantazers", which told exactly about the flight to Mars. When the girl was seven years old, parents, noticing a hobby unusual for the child, identified her daughter in the Space Camp, where an incredibly purposeful person trains to this day. However, the girl is not in a hurry to call herself special, assuring that her whole life has been doing the same things that other children are prone to, not counting the inexorable desire to visit Martian soil, while no one has yet done so. Among other things, in an interview, a lover of the space sphere admitted that she was not going to become an astronaut forever, since there are other interesting professions in life.

“I don’t think that I was once very different in my actions from the rest of the children, who very often intend to become teachers or rule the country in the future. However, it seems to me that none of them dream of an astronaut career anymore. I’m I’m just talking about how to visit Mars, then to return and try to become a teacher, or even the president of North America. But first I must achieve what I want in space, "Carson told the press.

Not all girls by the age of seventeen can boast of such achievements that Alissa has, not one step away from activities related to being outside our planet. As you can see on the site of the girl, who is also quite popular on the World Wide Web, not a single person in the world has studied at all three NASA Space Camps located in the United States, Turkey and Canada, and by the time she is twelve. She is also the only one who managed to pass the NASA Passport program, having visited fourteen centers of the American space department located in nine states. At the beginning of 2013, agency employees even invited Carson to participate in a panel discussion related to the mission to the Red Planet, after which they placed her among the seven positive NASA employees representing the Mars colonization mission named Mars One in 2030.

Alissa’s life is incredibly eventful, as she has to prepare to be sent to outer space and receive knowledge at school at the same time. By the way, a strikingly positive person and does not think to complain about such an arrangement of things, assuming that all this only makes her stronger. The girl devotes the most time to lessons on microgravity and can better tell someone how the lack of oxygen affects the body. In April of this year, Carson went headlong into diving courses, which allowed her to complement an already impressive resume.

At the same time, Alyssa is well aware that the competitiveness in the selection for the agency’s mission is incredibly high, which creates certain difficulties for everyone who is also going to get to Mars, but this arrangement is not scary for a confident schoolgirl. Not only that, she only welcomes such barriers of fate, without doubting that everything is good, because thanks to this, she had a desire to learn four languages ​​at once – English, Chinese, French and Spanish. As you know, the American department unites many nations and peoples, in connection with which the knowledge of additional languages ​​cannot but be useful to someone who will work with them.

From time to time, Alyssa also has difficult moments in life related directly to training at space-oriented academies, as, for example, during her studies at Possum, when a young American, who received a summer suit from this company for her successes, walked a distance at hyperbaric heights that turned out to be incredibly tense. It was not easy to apply some of the knowledge in practice: for some time a space lover gave a spacesuit, having mastered the technique of movement in it.

By the way, in order to become a full-fledged participant in the training program of astronauts of the National Space Agency, the age of Carson must exceed eighteen years. Now, the department is intensively and happily working with the girl, from which we can conclude that her most cherished dreams will completely come true. It is worth noting that if the Louisiana, ironically intending to become part of the NASA mission, really fly to the Red Planet in 2033, then she will be 32 years old by then. By American standards, this age is ideal for starting work in space.

Today, Alyssa, devoting so many hours to space training and study, finds time for social affairs, doing them quite actively. The girl often collects conferences, communicating on them on various topics with children and adults. Carson also does not pass television projects, telling the audience about her dreams and the barriers through which she has to go on the way to the main goal. A socially active American never refuses to interview journalists and communicate with ordinary people.