Amazingly fast UFO scared Arizona resident

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Amazingly fast UFO scared Arizona resident

As you know, most often unidentified flying objects are seen in the United States of America. At the same time, Arizona is the most favorite place for aliens there, since it is in this part of the country that they are simply teeming. A few days ago, this point of view was confirmed by the new appearance of the alleged spacecraft of an alien assembly captured on the camera of a mobile device by one of the locals during a night walk. This happened in the small town of Chandler from Maricopa County, considered the most visited by the aliens in the Arizona part. At the moment, amusing material can be found on the popular YouTube service, where the incident is discussed by Internet thinkers, divided into skeptics and their opponents and not able to keep their hypotheses to themselves.

As the author of the video said, he was not going to shoot anything like that. The young man was just walking his dog and was about to return home, when he suddenly saw an incomprehensible glow in the dark sky. The mysterious appearance temporarily baffled an eyewitness, but he managed to quickly recover and turn on the smartphone’s camera. According to the guy, most of all the alleged "flying saucer" surprised him with its sparkling speed. At the same time, the object periodically moderate its agility, and sometimes it completely froze in the sky, as if observing a person who noticed it. No phenomenon made any sounds.

However, the silent movement of the object did not give the man a reason to stay calm. As you can understand from the video, he was very scared, because behind the scenes the expressions “I can’t understand anything” and “some damn thing” are heard. The American believes that he captured the real ship of aliens, which must be familiar with the relevant experts.

However, those netizens who can be made to believe in something only if there is a rational explanation from the traditional luminaries of science, have a completely different opinion on this. According to them, the occurrence should be considered the fruit of a truly inventive nature. By the way, commentators with the opposite mindset consider the object to be an aircraft, on which the "green men" flew. As for alternative researchers, they still have to deal with this issue, but first they need to traditionally check the remarkable content for authenticity and conduct a special investigation.

Previously, in North America, they noticed some kind of glow that made some witnesses stand for a long time at the window and on the street. As the foreign media wrote, the mysterious bright ball, shimmering in different shades, greatly attracted New Jersey residents. One of the eyewitnesses of that event even started talking about alien hypnosis. It is worth noting that then the researchers saw in UFOs not so much an invention of aliens as a natural phenomenon, about which the bright heads of our planet still do not know anything.