American astronauts discovered alien structures on the moon

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American astronauts discovered alien structures on the moon

The first people to feel the surface of the moon under their feet were American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, who participated in the 1969 Apollo 11 cult mission. Immediately after returning to Earth, a press conference was organized, the shocking details of which were disclosed.

Crew commander Armstrong frankly said that the NASA spacecraft, on which astronauts studied the orbit of the moon, was chased by huge UFOs. It seemed that the creatures that controlled these devices were not very pleased with the appearance of people in space.

The network also appeared previously classified video, which was allegedly made by US astronauts while on the moon. This material, subject to authenticity, of course, can be considered significant evidence that aliens really live on the earth's satellite.

The video captures buildings made of large blocks with numerous rooms, doors and windows. Armstrong and his colleagues studied the find and recorded everything on tape. From the frames it becomes completely clear that these objects are clearly created by someone rational, which is why when viewing it becomes very creepy.

There is a version that is very popular among conspiracy theorists that the abrupt cessation of manned expeditions to the moon is connected with certain creatures there, the existence of which the federal departments are trying to hide by all means. As you know, the last expedition to the Earth’s satellite took place in December 1972.

Representatives of the American space agency issued a statement that the video was a fake and refuted information about astronauts finding such structures on the moon. However, independent researchers were waiting for such a reaction from NASA, and besides this video, there is a whole collection of photographs depicting strange objects, the study of which obviously will not be superfluous to study.