American pilots stumbled upon a bunch of UFOs during a flight training

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American pilots stumbled upon a bunch of UFOs during a flight training

It's no secret that the so-called "green men", almost everyone appearing in the atmosphere of our planet, often come across the eyes and military pilots. This is exactly what happened once again off the coast of the United States of America, where, as you know, UFO visits are observed most often. This time we are talking about several “flying saucers”. However, this is still putting it mildly, since a whole bunch of supposed aircraft of representatives of a foreign civilization appeared in the sky.

The mysterious arrangement of things naturally interested researchers interested in such situations. Ufologists for full immersion in the work is on hand and video, the publication of which did not stint the very pilots. At the moment, curious material is rapidly gaining popularity in the network.

As writes the news portal The Daily Mail, an incredible spectacle caught up with young people who performed the training flight over the Pacific Ocean. According to the aviators, they happened to notice a "flotilla" of unidentified objects. As they noted, incomprehensible "guests" flew against the wind, which blew at a speed of 120 knots, which was very strange.

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In the video, which was filmed by the military, their negotiations are clearly audible.

“Their flotilla here! Just look at this thing – it rotates! My God, and they all move against the wind. The wind is 120 knots from the west, ”said one of the pilots to his colleague.

The pilot, directly related to the UFO incident, said that the authorities did not want to investigate what had happened. In addition, he even laughed at what he said.

Interestingly, for some time, an eyewitness did not want to share relevant information with someone for precisely this reason, and as a result, not only the commanders but also many other aviators laughed at him.

Agreed with the commanders and skeptics, hurried again to note that humanoids do not exist. As a joke, traditional thinkers even noted that it’s time for the guys to leave the Navy if they see something truly incredible in every object.

Ufologists, on the other hand, could not accept the inference of supporters of a simple world view, noting that the pilots most likely witnessed the existence of alien inhabitants. Conspiracy therapists also found it strange that the authorities did not take seriously what was filmed.

American pilots stumbled upon a bunch of UFOs during a training flight "typeof =" foaf: Image

It is worth noting that in 2004, American pilots met with something similar. By the way, then the UFO was one. Airplanes flew for a long time for him, but could not catch up. The object showed an incredible maneuverability and speed, with which no aircraft created by earthmen could match.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that astronauts have not once been told about meetings with the alleged alien inhabitants. Leland Melvin, for example, said he saw a gray body in a compartment in a space station. However, experts believe this kind of stories are not in a hurry. As it seems to them, the “alien” could be a simple piece of freon that floated in zero gravity.

Even more crazy history related to the ISS, not so long ago shared by ufologists enthusiasts, who said that it was seized by aliens. Naturally, no one began to believe in this, after which this version was thrown back altogether, since there was evidence that everything was fine at the station.

Other Alien Theories

Do not forget the alternative researchers to repeat about finding aliens on our planet. According to opponents of classical science, interstellar beings have long lived among us, as well as building cities on our territory.

According to the assumptions of conspiracy, "green men" live not only in those places that people usually do not visit, but also in large cities. But it is difficult to notice them, because they are perfectly masked. Among other things, very similar to us aliens occupy, as a rule, high positions.