Americans are frightened by the sinister silhouette of a hurricane that destroyed Florida, and are preparing for the Apocalypse.

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Americans are frightened by the sinister silhouette of a hurricane that destroyed Florida, and are preparing for the Apocalypse.

A few days ago in the media there was news that a truly devastating hurricane called “Michael”, which suddenly raged in the southeastern part of the North American coast, reached Florida territory. An elemental speed was recorded near the ocean, reaching over 220 km / s. During an emergency, 375,000 residents were urgently evacuated when the country's president announced the state of the state. At the moment, the number of victims is measured in only a few, but this hurricane is called one of the most powerful in North America. Moreover, the dangerous situation also took a mystical character when a tropical cyclone was photographed from space.

“All this already terrible situation turned into a mystery when frightened Americans, watching the news feed clogged with news of a hurricane, suddenly saw something truly strange. , one could notice something similar to a skull with bleeding eye sockets. Such a picture turned out to be extremely unpleasant. Of course, especially religious people were quick to associate such a turn of events with a very unkind divine hint. In other words , pious people are now sure that “Michael” is going to bring a lot of misfortune to people and carry many more lives to the next world, ”said the representatives of the American press.

The news of the strange "skull" turned out to be so popular on the Global Web that after its appearance on the pages of popular publications, climatologists, who tried to explain the anomalous phenomenon in a rational way, could not stay aside. As the specialists studying the totality of weather characteristics told, we are most likely talking about an unremarkable paradolic illusion that arose in the frame for only a second. Researchers with a classic mindset also added that nature once gave an even more striking silhouette, but you should not link them with mysticism. However, the standard hypothesis, which finally calmed the skeptics, didn’t really like the Internet users, who believe in paranormal phenomena, who thought that the “skull” was too impressive, so it’s quite possible that dark forces are really mixed up in an incomprehensible situation.

Some of the Network’s regulars began to worry for a slightly different reason. As one of the commentators wrote about the mysterious "skull", people are in danger because of global warming, which, in turn, is to blame for the appearance of such strong hurricanes, as well as because of the wrong president.

“We have to seriously start to do something about global warming. I’m in New York and we had a hurricane here that knocked out the entire metro system a few years ago. I’ve never seen this kind of weather before. But for now we have such a stupid president , which calls global warming a Chinese deception, we cannot avoid big problems with the planet.These clowns on the government’s tower care more about the industry than about their own damned grandchildren.In this situation, it’s difficult to change something for the better, but h about something, to somehow change the situation in this regard, simply necessary, "- wrote a Vincent.

Some independent experts on similar issues even suggested that representatives of extraterrestrial civilization were involved in the formation of the mysterious "skull". Not really, however, it is clear for what purpose the aliens began to give very frightening signs to earthmen. Some Internet users even found that the dark appearance is the herald of the soon end of the world.

"All this looks extremely alarming, so the thoughts crawl into the head themselves, and they are not very good. Such moments resemble films about the Apocalypse. I would like to believe that the silhouette in the form of a skull is in no way connected with the future global changes of a negative nature. Let it be just a natural phenomenon, "wrote a frightened commentator on YouTube.

By the way, even experienced professionals involved in similar secrets are not in a hurry to frighten the public. According to non-traditional scientific luminaries, the same phenomena did not once make themselves felt at different times, but nothing terrible happened to the world. From this we can make a fair conclusion that there is no danger to humanity today. Among other things, the researchers are confident that while watching a hurricane from the space perspective you can see many interesting images that are not related to any predictions of something really scary.

It is no secret that tropical cyclones constantly present "surprises" with a mystical slant. One of the most notable such incidents occurred in October 2016, when the famous hurricane, called "Matthew", reached the highest category and was also filmed from space. In the frame got the phenomenon in the form of the same giant skull. At that moment, rumors also appeared in the media that education could be a divine sign that humanity must soon encounter something really scary, but nothing global happened. It is worth noting that "Matthew" has become the most devastating hurricane since 2007. Formerly the strongest cyclone in the United States was a storm called "Felix".

In May of this year, strong gusts of wind created a huge ring of heaven in the airspace of Kazakhstan. Mysterious education could be seen in photographs taken from space. The researchers were able to explain the anomaly in a rational way, but not everyone then agreed with their hypothesis. To many, the cloud ring seemed too flat, and nature, as is known, is extremely negative with respect to exact geometric shapes.