An alien predictor living in Moscow told about the near future of mankind

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An alien predictor living in Moscow told about the near future of mankind

There is a popular opinion among the conspiracy community that aliens not only exist, contrary to the official statement of science, but also live among people. They carefully conceal their origin and intentions, but not all do this. An oracle alien named Fariontan openly tells where he came from, and also shares with humanity valuable information from the future.

If you believe the words of Faryontan, then he ended up on Earth in 1985 after the collapse of his spaceship. Since then, an alien captured in circumstances has been living in the Russian capital. And his home planet is Farzania, located in the constellation Canis Minorum. The alien has no special desire to stay on foreign territory, so he turned to the authorities with a request to help him somehow in this. Fariontan and leading scientists formed the correct signal, which was sent towards Farzania and which his relatives should understand, but the answer has not yet arrived.

Short time on earth with people in anticipation of his own, the alien told a lot of interesting and informative. According to him, the alien civilization, of which he is one of its representatives, is so developed that it can freely look into the future. So, people had a unique opportunity to find out the main events that will happen in the foreseeable future.

As it became known with the help of the extrasensory abilities of the good and sociable alien, people will soon colonize the Moon, turning it into a bridgehead for the development of other space objects. Science will go far ahead, and this will affect the life expectancy of people, which will increase to 200 years. In addition, experts will come up with technologies to clean the environment from pollution, thus protecting the planet from a global catastrophe. He said a few words about the relationship between the leading powers of the world, which is especially true against the backdrop of a tense political situation. The alien reassured: a large warrior will no longer happen, only from time to time local conflicts will still appear.