An anomaly found in Nevada that has stunned the public, interested scientists

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An anomaly found in Nevada that has stunned the public, interested scientists

Nowadays, alternative scientists who are fascinated by issues related to aliens and other mysteries of space, spend quite a lot of time on a variety of celestial objects, but our planet itself constantly presents “surprises” referring to the possible existence of aliens, as it happened a few times ago. in the United States of America.

According to the foreign press, photographs taken from the satellite appeared on the World Wide Web and became the reason for intense debates among Internet thinkers and researchers. The pictures clearly visible strange geometric structure of enormous size. At the moment, experts dealing with such anomalies, by hook or by crook, are trying to understand how a strange figure can arise and what it can mean.

A resident of the unincorporated town of Lander County called Battle Mountain with a population of just over five thousand people provided amazing material to the public. As the young man said, at the moment of a remarkable discovery, he went through satellite footage of the state deserts and suddenly found something really interesting on the ground. According to the guy, the length of each side of the triangle exceeds 1300 meters.

The incomprehensible phenomenon, the author of the publication added, seems man-made and extremely unusual. The American also provided the coordinates of the corresponding location (40 ° 21'02.1 "N 117 ° 20'46.2" W) and admitted that the anomaly seemed to him to be some kind of structure. An American believes in the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization and calls the found possible construction of the so-called humanoids. Among other things, a video was uploaded to the Internet, in which this story is thoroughly analyzed. The rapidly gaining popularity of the video is on the YouTube-channel with the name UFOmania – The truth is out there, which has more than 300 thousand subscribers, and already has about twenty thousand views.

As the publicist added, in the village of Battle Mountain, people are not too keen on cases involving mysticism and unidentified flying objects. In the small town located on Interstate 80 highway between Vinnemkka and Elka, the bulk of the population is busy working, and therefore they have no time to delve into the paranormal incidents.

However, sometimes even such people do not want to dismiss certain riddles. In particular, many citizens immediately became interested in a huge triangle in the desert of Nevada. It is worth noting that the author of the material studied pictures of local deserts is not at all nothing to do.

The creator of the mysterious content was planning to find a place in the state where the alleged “flying saucer” crashed on August 14, 1952. According to non-traditional scientific luminaries, then as many as sixteen bodies of inhabitants of other planets were found inside the spacecraft. Most of the data that is somehow related to this incident, of course, was classified.

The response of the conspiracy theorists to the publication of a resident of Battle Mountain did not take long. According to experts in such cases, "explosive" material, the authenticity of which, of course, does not cause any doubt, may be the base of the newcomers. According to the staff of ufological centers, recently aliens began to create quite a lot of their complexes in deserts, forests, on glaciers and even underground.

UFO experts have no doubt that alien technology is truly incredible and allows them to easily be based in different parts of the globe, while remaining unnoticed by humans. However, sometimes, apparently, earthlings are still able to notice something amiss by means of photographs taken from a space perspective.

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Adherents of rational opinions, in turn, hurried to dismiss any hypotheses that have no facts, and called the next discussion of something unprecedented waste of time.

Other skeptics said that nature is capable of creating truly interesting patterns, but it’s still nature, which means that the remarkable shots of the Nevada desert can be proved in a rational way. By the way, this time even classical scientists did not support this point of view, noting that nature cannot make such exact geometric forms.

Some regulars of the Network, also not believing in the existence of aliens, noted that the construction of satellite photographs may well be a secret military base, similar to the one called "Zone 51" and also located in Nevada. Moreover, one of the subscribers added that the base captured by the satellite was never even secret and had been functioning for ten years.

“I can only congratulate you, because you managed to find the intermediate field of the Buffalo Valley. In other words, you stumbled upon an abandoned field of army air corps, built in the 30s and closed in the 50s. On the foundation of the building there is a large concrete arrow, which is designed for navigating through the mail. All this becomes crystal clear if you start using Google Earth more skillfully, because the service actually always signs everything. So, it seems to me, in this case, talking about some alien dwellers who have flown to our region is simply meaningless, ”the user under the name C Zaiko tried to dispel all doubts.

Earlier, equally incredible events had already taken place in Battle Mountain. In March of this year, residents of the city noticed a strange cloud formation in the form of staples in the sky. The abnormal picture immediately caused a variety of assumptions. Some eyewitnesses, characterized by a special imaginary, said that a striking occurrence may have a paranormal color. As local enthusiasts decided, a strange phenomenon could be a portal to other worlds that are periodically used by aliens. Meteorologists also called the heavenly "guest" a very rare, but quite a natural formation.

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