An incredible celestial phenomenon made the inhabitants of Nizhny Tagil guess over the nature of its origin.

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An incredible celestial phenomenon made the inhabitants of Nizhny Tagil guess over the nature of its origin.

The next appearance of an unidentified flying object a few days ago was discovered in the airspace of the Russian Federation, where recently such anomalies are quite frequent. According to the national press, the mysterious heavenly "guest" showed itself in Nizhny Tagil, hitting the locals. At the moment, Russian-speaking Internet users now and then share their assumptions on this matter.

The mysterious material was published on the World Wide Web by the famous researcher Valentin Degterev, who for many years has been involved in issues related to alien civilization. The UFO specialist noted that the celestial phenomenon turned out to be extremely attractive, so for a long time it was difficult for him to take his eyes off him.

As Valentine explained, the overcast clouds suddenly lit up with sunshine emanating from a certain point. In other words, against the background of darkened skies, an amazingly beautiful glow was distributed, and the source of this glow was something soaring under gloomy clouds. The object strongly resembled the traditional aircraft of the "green men", better known as the "flying saucer".

Other eyewitnesses, who could not film a striking appearance, but saw everything with their own eyes, agree with Degterev that the anomaly could not be an ordinary sky-gap, because a strange object was hiding deep in the clouds. At the same time, the quality of the video is hardly the best, because the incident was filmed by a ufologist on a mobile device.

Interestingly, Valentine did not immediately realize that he was capturing the alleged disk-shaped ship of foreign development. The researcher understood this only when he came home and began to view photos. By the way, the specialist is not sure that it was humanoids who reminded him of themselves in the sky, but I still wouldn’t stand on the side of traditional scientists, and he had not spoken about this more than once.

As you know, Degterev constantly reminds of the strange behavior of officially recognized scientists, who should give answers to questions, and instead often confuse people who want to understand something. According to an expert on unidentified phenomena, skeptical scientific luminaries, who do not believe in the existence of aliens, periodically make stupid conclusions about the crane. For example, nature is attributed to what it is not able to do. Valentin, on the other hand, always tries to think rationally, and if it is difficult for him to understand what kind of strange body was formed in the sky, then he will never claim that they are aliens.

A week ago, the people of Russia were shocked by the behavior of another unidentified object, which miraculously flew through the moon. An amazing moment came to the camera of the smartphone, and the author of the video was a resident of the Dobrinsky district of the Lipetsk region, who said that he had witnessed the most real alien teleportation. However, not many people decided to believe that the UFO really did it.