An incredible UFO video appeared on the network, from which, presumably, it becomes clear how aliens kidnap people.

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An incredible UFO video appeared on the network, from which, presumably, it becomes clear how aliens kidnap people.

It's no secret that unidentified flying objects have become quite commonplace for a long time and only occasionally surprise us, because it was not at all surprising to get tired of the boring saucer-like phenomena that faded in the sky. However, sometimes the so-called "flying saucers" still attract earthlings, and this happened again a few days ago.

As the Russian press reports citing Western media, this is an amazing case in New Zealand, from which, presumably, it becomes clear how the representatives of the unearthly civilization kidnap people in order to carry out various experiments on them already on their territory.

According to researchers with an alternative outlook on life, who are interested in a remarkable history, in one of the cities of New Zealand, a local resident accidentally filmed something strange, in particular, an unidentified object in the form of a cylinder of metallic bloom.

An eyewitness was so amazed by this event that for some time he remained in a stupor, but then still found the strength to get a mobile device and shoot the incident on camera. The author of the mysterious video itself was unable to find any explanation for what happened, so he turned to the experts who had been dealing with such anomalies for a long time with the same question.

A curious video with a great description, which has already gained more than six thousand views and appeared on the Internet on May 2, is currently on the YouTube channel Alien Plane, where this kind of content is constantly published. The video lasts three minutes and is really amazing. It clearly shows the UFO in the form of a container, which descends into the destroyed building.

A fascinating moment filmed one of the tourists, being together with his colleagues in the mountains. As the creator of the amusing material added, the possible spacecraft appeared, as it seemed to him, from nowhere, and seemed to evaporate, being very low above the ground. At the same time, witnesses of a mysterious incident might have gone to that place in order to examine the object from a close distance, but no one wanted to do this, because everyone was frightened.

Conspiracyologists, who are now carefully investigating the shocking video, believe that it is on such an aircraft that so-called humanoids arrive on our planet when they want to kidnap any earthman. At least, ufologists added that aliens could begin to wield with the help of an unusual aircraft recently, and earlier used saucer-like ships for this.

Among other things, unconventional scientists do not exclude the fact that interstellar inhabitants wanted to kidnap someone this time too. Not really, however, it is clear in this case, who could be in a destroyed building. By the way, no one will ever hear the exact answer to this question.

Skeptics also met a sensational video with their traditional suspicion, and they suspect the author of a fake. Despite the fact that behind the scenes, the exclamations of a whole crowd are well heard, fans of rationalism are sure that all these people could well agree to offer a truly unprecedented creation to the whole world. It is worth noting that the experts checking the video have no doubt at all about its authenticity.

Earlier, a giant UFO was filmed at a close-up video that stunned the operator and his acquaintances who were nearby at that moment. The alleged alien spacecraft was very low above the ground. Many Internet users then began to say that in fact it is an ordinary fake.