Ancient fossils found on Mars can tell about the existence of life

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Ancient fossils found on Mars can tell about the existence of life

Scientists do not spare money and time on research projects on Mars, hoping to find traces of life there. To date, the goal has not been achieved, but experts from different countries of the world are not discouraged, continuing to move in a given direction. Not so long ago, a comprehensive analysis of the surface of the Red Planet was made, which can bring the study of this space object to a fundamentally new level.

In the process of research, scientists came across one very interesting place, which contains traces of the distant past of Mars. We are talking about dry lakes, where there are stony formations with a high content of elements such as silicon and iron. This site is of particular interest to scientists, because it may contain traces of life.

Astrophysicists have explained that sedimentary rocks consist of well-packed mud with clay. This fact significantly increases the chances of finding microorganisms there, which experts very much hope.

To study the remains of ancient lakes, data obtained from previous missions were used. An additional step was a comparative analysis with similar samples taken on Earth, which are as close as possible in composition and structure to Martian ones.

Experts have determined that the age of the studied fossils is about four billion years. This is a very respectable age, and on our planet such ancient fossils could hardly have survived due to the activity of tectonic movements that destroy the remains. On the fourth planet of the solar system, there is no movement of tectonic plates, which preserves fossils for much longer.