Astronaut Alan Bean Dies on the Moon

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Astronaut Alan Bean Dies on the Moon

The American astronaut Alan Bean, who is the fourth person in history to have entered the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite, died at the age of 86 while in a hospital bed. This was reported by NASA, posting the news on its official website.

A statement from the US space agency said that Bean’s condition worsened sharply, so he was urgently hospitalized at a clinic in Houston, Texas. Doctors did everything possible, trying to save the life of an astronaut, but could not do it. Alan Bean died not only surrounded by hospital workers, but also relatives.

“Alan was the strongest and kindest person I have ever met in my life. I loved him very much, I will miss him terribly,” said Bina, the grieving widow, Leslie.

A colleague of the deceased, astronaut Harrison Schmitt, who knew him well, compared Bean to a representative of the Renaissance, since his sphere of interests was incredibly wide: science, technology, painting, and enthusiasm did not run out even in old age.

Before joining the ranks of the US astronaut squad, Bean worked as a military pilot, demonstrating excellent performance and zeal. In November 1969, he became a member of the Apollo 12 mission, as part of which he entered the lunar surface. It was Alan who installed the first generator with a nuclear power source there. In addition, he was engaged in collecting lunar soil samples for study on Earth and other scientific experiments.

Four years later, Bean took part in another important mission – Skylab, who commanded the crew of one of the expeditions to the national orbital station, intended for technological, astrophysical, biomedical research and observation of our planet. NASA experts calculated that the illustrious astronaut spent a total of almost 70 days in space, 31 of which were on the surface of the earth’s satellite.

In 1981, Alan decided that it was time for him to retire, so he left NASA. After that, he began to actively implement another of his talents – painting. Bean painted many amazing paintings, some of which were, of course, related to the space theme.

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