Astronauts hear warnings of the Creator of the Universe in space

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Astronauts hear warnings of the Creator of the Universe in space

The cult Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was a deeply unbelieving person before his flight into space, but his position on this issue radically changed afterwards. This, in particular, influenced the decision of the Hero of the USSR to advocate for the restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which was destroyed in 1931 by order of Joseph Stalin. In addition to Gagarin, and many other astronauts from around the world told incredible stories about meetings with UFOs, as well as that they heard a warning from the Creator of the Universe.

In November 1957, the second Sputnik-2 spacecraft in the history of mankind was put into orbit, but during the implementation of the mission, an unidentified object was clearly seen next to it, which was clearly watching. This was noticed by an astronomer from South America, Corrales, and this information immediately received the status of especially secret, so the public did not even guess what had happened.

In the next decade, an unusual incident occurred already with the American satellite. "Echo-2" was in orbit, fulfilling the prescribed duties, when suddenly at great speed a spacecraft more than 100 meters long flew up to it. His movement was so swift that it seemed he was about to crash into the earth's apparatus, but it only flew around and left. The well-known case, which was widely publicized, was associated with the Titan rocket, which was pursued by strange objects during the launch. The public reacted violently to the event, demanding an explanation from the US Air Force, whose employees claimed that nothing terrible had happened, everything was under full control.

At the end of 1968, NASA astronauts experienced a real shock when they encountered something terrifying during their mission to the Apollo 8 Moon. The American ship for a long time pursued an alien ship, the size of which was amazing. Someone was clearly unhappy that humanity was trying to invade the territory of the earth's satellite. Witnesses were all crew members who, after returning to Earth, spoke about this. Somehow, the aliens managed to turn off the navigation system on the Apollo 8 ship, and for this reason, communication with the earth headquarters was interrupted. After that, the astronauts underwent other forms of attacks: a blinding light was sent at them that was impossible to look at, and then an unpleasant, eerie sound appeared that provoked the appearance of a headache and hallucinations. It must be thought that the attackers could, if they wished, destroy the NASA ship, but they did not.

The crew of the Apollo 10 mission during landing on the surface of the Moon encountered signs of life there: a certain creature rushed towards them, which was even recorded on a video camera. The legendary Neil Armstrong, the first person ever to enter the lunar surface, told something similar. The astronaut talked about mysterious luminous balls, but the most incredible thing was the structure on the edge of the crater, from which strange creatures came out. Naturally, this information was immediately classified.

There were some oddities in the framework of the Apollo 12 mission, conducted in November 1969. Then the Americans witnessed the negotiations of the crew members, and it was a question of a large number of luminous spheres that circled above the surface of the moon. The participants of the next expedition discovered suspicious structures on the Earth’s satellite that could not have formed naturally. In the 1970s, an employee of the American space agency officially confirmed the information previously received from astronauts about strange phenomena on the moon and in space.

The Apollo project was turned off, which was a big surprise for the whole world. Apparently, all these strange events witnessed by frightened astronauts forced NASA to abandon the idea of ​​invading the moon. It is also possible that a direct threat ensued from the aliens, and it was a stupid undertaking to joke with a more powerful civilization.

A couple of decades passed, and experts began to explain strange events during expeditions to the moon with various things, such as space debris. But horrifying stories began to tell astronauts aboard the ISS. The fact is that they often hear an unpleasant metal rattle coming from inside the station as well as outside. Experts did not identify any technical failures that could lead to such phenomena.

Russian professor Kirill Butusov believes that astronauts hear the warnings of the Creator, and in addition, they feel an inexplicable someone's presence nearby, it seems that someone is watching them. All these messages have one essence: someone is trying to tell humanity that they should go to Earth and not try to understand what they are not yet ready to understand.

The famous Soviet cosmonaut Georgy Grechko, who left this world last year, during his lifetime was an ardent supporter of the fact that aliens or some Higher mind in the Universe exist. Twice Hero of the Soviet Union has said more than once that he is so hungry for meeting with representatives of other civilizations that he would even sacrifice his life for this.