Astronauts said that prevents humanity from returning to the moon

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Astronauts said that prevents humanity from returning to the moon

Experienced Canadian astronaut Christopher Austin Hadfield said that the moon can greatly simplify the life of people who go to conquer Mars and other planets. Nevertheless, today mankind is not technically developed enough to stay on a natural satellite on an ongoing basis.

As you know, after a series of manned expeditions to the moon in the 60-70s of the last century, NASA stopped the implementation of the legendary Apollo mission. Since then, the leg of the representative of the human race has not entered the surface of this cosmic object. However, the topic of return is constantly being raised and is being seriously discussed at the highest level. But how much will it cost?

Experts have already dealt with this issue: they managed to calculate how much money will be needed to be on the moon again. First of all, scientists need to prepare a special program, the required spacecraft, as well as a settlement on the surface of the satellite. For 13 years of work, the budget of the United States of America will be deserted by at least $ 133 billion.

Famous astronauts who participated in Apollo’s moon flight programs, Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell are convinced that limited relocation to the Earth’s satellite depends on the decision of politicians, and common people often wonder whether it is worth spending so much money from the state budget.