Aussie kicked the ball and hit the lightning bolt

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Aussie kicked the ball and hit the lightning bolt

The notorious Australian footballer Eddie Betts showed his fans a few days ago how far and hard he could kick the ball, and the athlete's kick turned out to be truly stunning. As it became known from foreign media, the young man did it during a heavy rain, in connection with which lightning, suddenly appearing above the sports ground, hit the ball that was at that moment in the air. A truly amazing incident happened at Adelaide Stadium, when the whole team was engaged in training, not stopped even by inclement weather. At the moment there is a video on the World Wide Web, which is evidence of an unprecedented incident.

As Betts said, during the practice, the weather suddenly worsened, but the players still remained on the field to do some non-standard training. In particular, at last the Australian took the ball and kicked it in the sky. After this strike, the guys planned to go to the locker room, but nature made sure that they ran there. Interestingly, Eddie wanted to hit the empty net, and he would have succeeded if it had not been for the lightning that hit the ball and changed its flight path. The unexpected development of events scared the football players, so much so that at first the men were on the ground, and then they got up and began to leave the scene of the incident filmed on the camera of a mobile device by one of the team members.

However, not all Internet users agreed that the lightning hit the ball. As it seemed to many of them, the sky charge went towards the gate. At the same time, it was not without those who called the video another fruit of the installation. Betts, in turn, has already refuted this hypothesis, adding that the operator does not even know how to use the appropriate programs. Among other things, the football player caught some skeptics in envy. The athlete has suggested that people who simply want to hit the ball as well as he, but they fail, are blamed for using Photoshop who shot the player’s events. However, commentators, who are ardent admirers of Eddie, on YouTube, also turned out to be quite a few. The fans of the guy in the same way tried to pacify the adherents of classical science and thanked their idol for the magnificent blow, and also wished him success in the upcoming matches.

Recently, lightning is really quite active in different parts of the globe, and incite powerful charges not only football accessories. As it was reported not so long ago in the press, an unidentified flying object was thus shot down in Hungary. According to local residents, the alleged “flying saucer” immediately crashed after contact with lightning. By the way, no one could find the wreckage of the spacecraft of alien production. No less active is the celestial current in Russia, where last month an apartment caught fire due to it. The roof of a multistory building was also enveloped in fire.