Australian hit Network with high-quality UFO video

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Australian hit Network with high-quality UFO video

The next appearance of an unidentified flying object was captured on camera several days ago in Australia. A strange heavenly phenomenon made itself felt over a small town called Hastings. The incident was captured by a girl occupying the position of operator.

As the author of the video told, she managed to create the mysterious material completely unexpectedly, and only by a lucky chance a professional camera was next to her. The operator also asked subscribers what they think about this.

“That morning I just drove my mother to work, and nothing unusual happened. Then I couldn’t think that I should meet with this. I noticed a heavenly appearance on my way home. I saw a strange disk in the sky and took a camera in my hand, it turned out to be nearby, after which it captured an incomprehensible device. Tell me, please, what could it be? I have no assumptions, "reads the girl’s text left near the video.

World Wide Web regulars were happy to see such an unusual video on YouTube and thanked the author. Many commentators called what they saw as a standard spacecraft assembled by representatives of an alien civilization, which is often called a "flying saucer." The video clearly shows how the alleged alien vessel, showing no signs of exhaust gases, plows the expanses of the skies, without making absolutely no sounds.

It is noteworthy that many users who watched the video agreed that the device can be called a "flying saucer" of aliens. However, Australia, like the United States of America, is considered a place where such flying objects appear frequently. However, it is not always possible to capture them as clearly as the operator did. In addition, few people doubt the authenticity of the material due to the high quality of the shooting.

Experts in similar riddles also investigated the video and also came to the conclusion that it is impossible to call it fake. According to ufologists, it is precisely an alien flying object that is captured in it. At the same time, they did not have such high-quality material in their hands for a long time, in connection with which researchers are going to analyze this story in detail, which, according to them, will help to learn something new about alien devices and the aliens themselves.

But skeptics are still not very happy with what they saw, although it turned out this time there are not as many of them under the video on YouTube as usual. Adherents of scientific facts believe that in our time special computer programs have improved, allowing those who use them to create amazingly believable fakes. By the way, in this case, such a conclusion seems too faded, since the relevant experts checked the video and did not find any catch in it.

Earlier in the media there was news about an Australian who witnessed an incredibly agile UFO twice a day. As the young man said, he managed to capture the "flying saucer" on the camera during the trip. In his car worked a DVR. According to the witness, he was most struck by the speed with which an unidentified object moved both times.