Australian showed pictures with a falling "flying saucer"

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Australian showed pictures with a falling "flying saucer"

The wreckage of alleged alien spacecraft has often been featured in the media. Different countries around the world not only talk about such incidents, but also show evidence that strange stories are not fictitious. More recently, the next news related to the crash of a UFO was a video published on a popular YouTube channel with the name thirdphaseofmoon. At the same time, material for the service was uploaded during the live broadcast. At the moment, regulars on the World Wide Web are trying to deal with this issue, in particular, to understand whether the video is genuine, or whether it should be considered another fake. The opinions of users, as always, were divided.

In the mysterious and incredibly popular video, which easily gained about 90 thousand views in a short period of time, you can see how representatives of the ufological organization communicate with a man named Mark Johnson, telling about the amazing pictures, where the "flying saucer" crashed. However, the interlocutor of the researchers did not argue that in his hands was just evidence of the fall of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, but this alignment is closest to him. Specialists in such secrets, in turn, consider the cadres another hint at the existence of an alien civilization. As the insider clarified, an acquaintance who is their author shared amazing photos with him.

"Such material, of course, is very surprising and makes you wary. At first, everyone might think that the public was offered a normal fake. However, it seems to me that any person will consider that a spacecraft crashed if it collided with a similar one in the forest. And such a reaction should not but it’s very strange that the aliens who could be on the plate after the wreck allowed someone to take a picture of their ship. It always seemed to me that representatives of the alien mind were able to hide the wreckage of their retention for flights even from the military. By the way, the secret assembly of the earth assembly may also appear on the pictures. But then it’s not entirely clear why the military didn’t cordon off the area so that no one could see it. All this seems extremely strange to me, "announced his Johnson's point of view.

A remarkable story, shrouded in secrets, is still being discussed on the Internet even by those who can be called inveterate adherents of scientific facts. Skeptics, of course, have no doubt that they are faced with a fake, albeit a high-quality one, but incorrigible lovers could not argue in any way with those who believe in aliens. Ufologists are going to study strange photos more carefully in order to stake out their opinion on this subject. According to preliminary data from relevant experts, the personnel really have an aircraft created outside of our planet.