Australian Ufologist hit the Internet with evidence of the ubiquitous "flying saucers"

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Australian Ufologist hit the Internet with evidence of the ubiquitous "flying saucers"

Today, few of us can surprise UFOs, and this is understandable, because such phenomena periodically appear both here and here. However, in general, among the inhabitants of planet Earth there are many who still can not boast that they saw the alien apparatus with their own eyes. However, according to an Australian researcher, this is fixable, since space “guests” fly everywhere, and anyone who is not too lazy to purchase a special device can notice them. To prove the startling hypothesis, a representative of a ufological organization posted a video on the World Wide Web with the most expressive moments, noting that he, like other people, always has the opportunity to spot an alien ship on any day.

According to an alternative scientist, the new video will help some earthlings to understand that ships controlled by "green men" constantly fly above them. At the same time, the ufologist has no rational explanation for what is happening in the fresh video. An expert on the mysteries of the solar system is adamantly convinced that we are not alone in it.

"I have never recorded anything like this before. It's something truly grandiose. Sorry for the watermark, but YouTube does not protect my copyrights," the author of the amazing material wrote.

By the way, not everyone believed in the authenticity of the video, where the expert on "flying saucers" could not do without special effects. And even a user who believes in the existence of aliens has suggested that many rightly consider the mysterious novelty a fake.

“I must say that it turned out very impressive. But I personally would not use computer effects. Otherwise, and this is quite natural, the viewer will begin to think that what he has shown is a fake. I myself, of course, have no doubt that you have provided real evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. However, there are people who now consider all this to be fake. Do you understand what I mean? Nevertheless, it seems to me that you can put five pluses on your work. I previously has never been observed give for something like that, in connection with which at the moment I am very impressed by what he saw stunning movie turned out, I have no words "-. wrote followers named Christian.

The Australian mysterious event specialist also added that not all of the objects shown in his video are alien ships, since there are a lot of outer space and satellites collected on the Blue Planet. But some of them change their flight path too quickly and differ in incredible speed, which is not found in any invention created by man.

In addition, among researchers of similar stories, the opinion that objects suddenly changing their course of flight may turn out to be intelligent beings has recently become popular. This point of view, of course, is unlike the truth, but researchers have long been accustomed to not exclude anything, realizing the fact how unpredictable the Universe is.