Blue Origin rocket successfully made the tenth test flight

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Blue Origin rocket successfully made the tenth test flight

Blue Origin, founded by Amazon director Jeff Bezos and about to send tourists into outer space by the end of 2019, recently made its tenth test flight. This is a rocket called New Shepard.

The aircraft, the board of which was empty at that moment, contained at the same time eight experiments of the National Space Agency (NASA). The rocket went to the sky in absolutely clear weather from a cosmodrome point located in West Texas, United States of America.

After some time, the capsule in flight was separated from the main component of the rocket, as representatives of the company wanted, reaching a height of 106 kilometers.

“This is what we wanted during this mission,” said Arian Cornell, who is an Blue Origin astronaut and commentator on the online broadcast of the launch that was conducted directly by the company.

As is known, the boundary between the Blue Planet and space is considered to be 100 km altitude, better known as simply the Karman line.

The inclusion of all rocket engines occurred eight minutes after its launch. Then the subsequent landing on the Earth, which was controlled in an upright position, was activated. It is worth noting that the new flight has become the fourth for a specific rocket.

The rocket capsule successfully landed thanks to several parachutes, forming a large dusty cloud. The entire flight duration took ten minutes fifteen seconds.

Blue Origin has many more flights of this kind ahead, but the very first flights with people on board may begin already at the end of this year.

It was previously reported that the company again decided to postpone the test flight of New Shepard. Now the launch of a suborbital ship should be realized on January 22.

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