Britain has secretly hunted UFOs for 50 years

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Britain has secretly hunted UFOs for 50 years

Ufologists were able to decrypt secret documents, code-named MI5, where very interesting information was stored. As it turned out, Britain has long been interested in aliens, and its spies have been actively hunting for UFOs for half a century.

British scientists wanted to get their hands on alien technologies that are far superior to Earth, so they did not spare the energy and time to search for aliens. According to expert David Clark, who saw secret documents with his own eyes and got acquainted with the contents, from 1947 to 1997, the British government provided substantial financial support to ufological organizations, hoping that experts would live up to expectations and invested funds.

The plans were not only to find representatives of other worlds, but also to make contact with them for, possibly, further fruitful cooperation in some matters. The project, of course, was ambitious, but nothing significant was achieved in 50 years of implementation. As a result, the financial flow from the state ended, and the project ceased to exist.