British scientist: I’m afraid of the existence of aliens

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British scientist: I’m afraid of the existence of aliens

The British physicist Brian Cox, like many people in the world, is fascinated by the idea of ​​existence somewhere in the Universe of a rational and developed form of life. At the same time, the expert admits, this thought not only inspires him, but also frightens him in equal measure. After all, no one can give a guarantee that contact with aliens will not result for earthlings in a monstrous war, in which there will be no chance to fight back.

For more than one century, people have been pondering on the possibility of the existence of “brothers in mind” outside our planet, trying to find answers in various experiments, space missions and intricate formulas of great scientists. As long as there are no results as such, although much has already been done in this direction, much is also planned to be done. But such a depressing wasteland in response to the billions of dollars spent, the nerves and strength of the researchers made a number of experts simply give up and admit that we are alone in this huge universe.

Brian Cox refers to the group of scientists who believe that extraterrestrial life once there, but, most likely, only in the form of microorganisms. It is possible that this is on the next planet Mars, and the historical discovery is already on the threshold.

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“We are making great efforts to search for life on the Red Planet, and there are missions for this, consisting in drilling the surface. We know that there was a period when Mars was rich in water, and there is an opinion that there existed life, and perhaps there still exists. But the thought of something more serious than just microorganisms scares me, to be honest, ”said a professor from the University of Manchester on this account.

In any case, Cox is convinced, the search for developed alien civilizations should be continued, given that the simplest organisms can evolve, as happened on Earth. Astronomers say that in the Universe there are about 20 billion earth-like planets, and at least one of them must have a developed race.