Canadian unveiled a video with a heartbreaking roar of heaven, scaring the public and interest of experts on UFOs

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Canadian unveiled a video with a heartbreaking roar of heaven, scaring the public and interest of experts on UFOs

A variety of anomalies to which we have become accustomed, do not cease to amaze us again and again. However, if the so-called “flying saucers”, constantly appearing here and there, have long ceased to be for us something out of the ordinary, then the incomprehensible sounds emanating from the heavenly viewpoint are not only amazing, but also very disturbing. Something similar happened in Canadian Montreal.

A local resident, like many other witnesses of this event, was so shocked by what happened that she could not turn to experts with a request to understand the nature of the birth of an incomprehensible hum. The corresponding record, which is currently on the World Wide Web in the public domain, was made by a woman on the night of October 30-31, but only now the incredible location of things became known to the whole world.

The mysterious video, which is gaining popularity on the service YouTube, has caused indomitable disputes, in which supporters of paranormal phenomena and those who believe only in proven classical science got involved. Employees of ufological organizations also attracted entertaining content, since they have a version that aliens could be involved in the incident.

According to the witness, she managed to capture an incredible moment while on the balcony in the evening. The author of the content could not fall asleep and decided to get some fresh air, absolutely not going to shoot something on the camera of a mobile phone. However, at some point, she heard a “metallic” sound shocking her. Canadian did not understand exactly where the sound came from, but it seemed to be from the sky.

A local resident also added that a very loud screech strongly resembled something from fantastic Hollywood films. Before, a witness to a mysterious incident had never seen anything like this, and therefore for a moment she considered that a terrible rumble could be a herald of something global and not very good. A woman wants to believe that experts will be able to deal with this issue, because only then will she finally calm down.

Among other things, under the articles devoted to this incident, people already unsubscribed, who also heard something similar that night, but did not have time to write anything to the video. According to them, the strange sounds of the heavens seemed so frightening that it was extremely problematic to fall asleep after them, and someone did not close his eyes at all until the very morning. Some Internet thinkers living in other countries and familiarizing themselves with this story added that they also heard something similar.

“In early childhood, I heard amazing trumpet sounds from the sky. However, no one else heard these sounds, even being next to me. But I was not very scared of them, on the contrary, it was somehow tiringly sweet, as if it was a call from my home, from where I had just come to this world (although I understood all this much later). And then I just listened, and often even cried, it is not clear, however, from what, ”wrote a certain Valery from Russia.

Fans of traditional views, in turn, were not even going to worry about this, arguing their position in the traditional way, in particular, with an absolute understanding that classical scientists can explain everything, including the frightening hum in Canadian airspace.

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Among other things, some skeptics reminded that such phenomena are not uncommon, and in other countries, as in Canada itself, people heard the same sounds of heaven, and researchers in all those cases easily solved extremely difficult puzzles for not very knowledgeable people. So why would a scientist who does not reckon with ufological views not deal with the mysterious question this time too? The skeptics themselves ask this, knowing the answer to this question – knowing that in the end everything will be so.

There were those on the Internet who decided to link the amusing situation with paranormal activity. In particular, some Canadians have suggested that such sounds are more like an invasion from the outside, or divine intervention. Some adherents of religion who picked up this topic added that the end of days is coming, and very soon only the most correct people will remain in the world, and the heavenly buzz is a reminder that the Apocalypse is very close.

Such hypotheses are heard, of course, too unbelievable to believe in them immediately and without proof, but one thing is for sure: strange sounds emanating, it seems, from the sky, seem to be something of a number of truly incredible. Moreover, in fairness it should be noted that scientists are still unable to unravel this mystery, and at the moment they are ready to make only some assumptions.

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