Cases of satellite destruction in orbit increased significantly

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Cases of satellite destruction in orbit increased significantly

Over the past year, the Russian Space Control System (SSCE) recorded as many as eight episodes of spacecraft destruction in Earth orbit, and in comparison with previous years this is a very serious problem. If this turns into a trend over the next ten years, the Russian satellites will be in great danger. The current state of affairs is concerned at the Main Space Intelligence Center of the Space Forces of the Space Forces, the staff of which prepared an entire report on this topic and spoke with him at the conference entitled “Space Junk: Fundamental and Practical Aspects of Threat”

The report says that if we compare even with 2015, the number of space launches has doubled, the same can be said about the cases of satellite destruction, which until 2018 were quite rare.

It is also noted that by the end of last year more than 8 thousand orbiters were under the supervision of the SSS, and only 2.5 thousand of them were workers.

Cases of satellite destruction in orbit have become much more frequent. Typeof = foaf: Image

Based on the foregoing, the experts of the control center made a disappointing forecast: in the next decade, the safety of flights of the spacecraft of the Russian Federation will be under threat, and it will be very difficult to fight this.

As for the objects in orbit, NASA provided its statistics. So, 2.2 thousand devices are recognized as valid, more than 5 thousand are already served, about 14 thousand pieces of space debris are also present. In total, almost 20 thousand objects are now in orbit.

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