Conspiracy experts are confident that the FBI is trying to conceal data on the imminent Apocalypse.

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Conspiracy experts are confident that the FBI is trying to conceal data on the imminent Apocalypse.

According to the domestic website, the FBI, without giving any reasons, closed the object of the National Solar Observatory, which is located in New Mexico, USA. Such an arrangement of affairs put the public in a stupor, and there was even an assumption that the authorities are trying to classify data concerning an impending catastrophe. At the moment, this topic is especially popular on the Internet, because users want to know why the feds are engaged in arbitrariness.

The activities of the Sunspot Solar Observatory, located in Sacramento, was abruptly stopped two weeks ago, but this was reported only recently in the press. At the same time, the post center located near the observatory was also closed. It is not entirely clear yet who actually ordered it, but the paparazzi saw representatives of the internal intelligence agencies, who tried by all means not to close anyone, at the time of its closure at the time of its closure.

Strange location of affairs already commented on the staff of the university research alliance in astronomy, which created the observatory. As the scientists explained, the institution will open again, but a little later, but for now we are seeing the necessary measures, the reasons for which they also did not say anything.

In connection with the lack of necessary information on the World Wide Web, various versions have spread about this issue, and one of them is really alarming. According to alternative scientists, astronomers working closely with the government, have noticed an extremely dangerous solar flare that could destroy earthlings. Others believe that they came in contact with aliens. By the way, the head of the organization, James Makatir, has denied such rumors, and also added that the whole world will see the data obtained by scientific luminaries when the time comes.

First in the media there was news that the so-called “death ray” is approaching our planet and the Apocalypse is almost inevitable. According to experts, the light jet originated on the background of the merger of two stars.