Crash "flying saucers" found on Mars again

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Crash "flying saucers" found on Mars again

Visiting news portals whose journalists specialize in space and unidentified flying objects, users increasingly began to notice that articles about Mars are published almost daily. And this alignment does not surprise at all, since the Earth’s “orange neighbor” is often amazing to the point of insanity, as it did once again a few days ago. According to representatives of the ufological organization ArtAlienTV, strange formations are again seen on the surface of this planet, and if previously discovered arachnid drawings on its soil could be attributed to seasonal changes, now nature, researchers say, is hardly to blame.

With the help of the Google Mars cartographic creation, images were taken with two huge objects that stand out strongly against the already familiar reddish landscape. According to experts on any obscure events, this in itself could not appear there.

In the first photograph, which was in the hands of ufologists, you can see a certain object resembling a shock case with a faded blue formation of unknown origin inside. Moreover, judging by the shadow of the object, its height can be called impressive. It is still difficult to say what the researchers were faced with, but there is an assumption that the structure was assembled from metal unknown to earth science by representatives of an alien civilization. In addition, it is possible that the structure may turn out to be a spacecraft. However, if the “flying saucer” really got into the frame, then the shadow may actually be the trace left after its fall.

As for another mysterious object, it can be compared with a hollow or a hill of a silvery hue. By the way, and near it there is a certain train resembling a shadow, which may also be a trace of a fall. In other words, the second photograph may also show a crashed spacecraft. Archaeologists who do not want to side with the officially recognized science, in turn, see in this object architecture, which, according to them, can be the work of aliens.

Active debates have been going on for a long time on social networks on this topic, where, as always, there will never be a winner. According to skeptics, ordinary craters of the Red Planet simply passed through Photoshop filters, adding color to them and something else, and therefore believing that the "green men" once again made themselves known, there is no point. Those who believe in life on other planets say the opposite.

Not so long ago, a strange object similar to a traditional "flying saucer" was also found on the surface of Mars. And in the picture, a train from its fall was clearly visible. But then many skepticists doubted that point of view because the alleged alien assembly ship seemed too small. The regulars on the World Wide Web with such a mindset considered that he was simply painted on the background of Martian territory.