Dance of red ghosts in the sky hit the video

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Dance of red ghosts in the sky hit the video

An amateur astronomer from the American state of Oklahoma, Paul Smith was able to capture red ghosts in the sky – a very rare near-Earth phenomenon, called sprites in the scientific world. He published valuable material on his page on the social network.

Smith said that lightning is a persistent companion of sprites, so this phenomenon should be "hunted" during thunderstorms. Sprites arise over lightning, about 50 kilometers above the surface of the earth. In the northern regions of the United States, the thunder season is raging right now, which means there is a chance to stumble on red ghosts there.

It is interesting that nothing was known about sprites until recently, the very first evidence of them appeared only in 1989, and the first images were obtained only in the early 2000s. Until now, this phenomenon has been denied by science and equated with reports of UFOs. Most often similar stories were told by aircraft pilots who contemplated very strange and incomprehensible luminous objects in the upper atmosphere.

Experts have established that sprites occur in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnear space, where there are no thunderclouds, so there should not be any sparkles. Nevertheless, this happens, forcing experts to puzzle over and be lost in conjecture about the nature of the phenomenon. Seeing this, and even more so capturing in a photo or video, is a great success, and all for the reason that the red ghosts are incredibly fast, appearing only in thousandths of a second.

It was possible to study the phenomenon in more detail a few years ago: specialists from the University of Alaska ghosts were "caught" by a high-speed camera, making about 10 thousand frames every second. So, the survey showed that bright jets are formed from fireballs of gigantic sizes, striving at super speed first down, and then vice versa. Thus, it turns out a very bizarre dance.

After some time, Israeli scientists confirmed the words of American colleagues about the movement of fireballs inside sprites, but they also noticed another interesting point: these balls not only make high-speed movements up and down, but also create circles with a diameter of up to 70 kilometers .

As the Israeli geophysicist Colin Price said, if you observe sprites from a long distance, it is very easy to confuse them with an alien spaceship. It is possible that some reports of pilots and astronauts about UFOs were actually associated with red ghosts.