Dawn sent exclusive pictures of Ceres

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Dawn sent exclusive pictures of Ceres

A probe named Dawn recently sent exclusive photographs of the surface of Ceres, which is a dwarf planet.

As you know, NASA station flew into outer space in 2007, and headed to the asteroid belt. It is worth noting that before, not a single probe had been in the orbit of the heavenly stone of West. Eight years later, Dawn began studying Ceres. And now, astronomers have pictures of a crater called the Occator and is located on this object.

"When the colorful crater was found, we decided that traces of the activity of the cryovolcanic species fell on the pictures," said one of the researchers.

On fresh staff, experts quickly found evidence of their assumptions. Experts believe that crater points that shine can contain sodium carbonate and come from a subsurface reservoir. Astronomers studying fresh material have already announced that they intend to observe this process in the future.

There is also information that by the end of this year the probe will run out of fuel, in connection with which Dawn, most likely, is currently conducting its last mission. At the same time, the device will not land on the planet. The invention will be in orbit to the end, in particular, it will be “buried" there, as far as possible in space.