Donald Trump intends to share with the public shocking data about aliens

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Donald Trump intends to share with the public shocking data about aliens

The President of the United States of America, Donald Tram, made it clear not so long ago that he did not intend to wait long for information on how the search for alien life is advancing, which the country's special services and alternative Pentagon scientists are currently busy with. According to the American leader, who suspects that the hunters for "green men" are hiding some remarkable data, reports on the results of relevant work should be on his table in the near future.

It has long been no secret to anyone that virtually every one has units engaged in the search for aliens. At the same time in North America, such studies are conducted with particular activity, and with the filing of the president himself. Mr. Trump, who does not doubt the existence of humanoids, has financed similar projects more than once. However, before the head of the White House did not rush to interfere in the affairs of ufologists, but now changed his attitude to this.

According to Trump, the time has come to dot the “and” in this matter, in particular, to find out how much money was spent searching for aliens. The president also wants to understand what progress has been achieved by experts in this field lately. For this reason, officials from his entourage are going to organize public conferences in Congress to discuss the ufological shifts. The Center of the Armed Forces of the country is already studying articles related to the costs of such projects. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification program will also be checked, representatives of which investigated the case of the so-called "flying saucer" prosecution by the US Air Force. This mysterious incident is dated 2008.

All the data that will soon be received by Trump, should be in the media. As noted in the American press, the long-awaited information will be a real find for the public. The ruler of the United States does not exclude that he can stop vending money in such matters if the uncommon scientific luminaries do not make him happy.