During the flight of Falcon 9 to the ISS, trouble struck

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During the flight of Falcon 9 to the ISS, trouble struck

A few days ago, SpaceX sent into space the space vehicle of the unmanned Dragon, which was previously equipped with supplies and food for astronauts currently staying on the ISS. But not everything went as well as we would like, since the landing of the rocket failed.

“We started just incredible,” said company commentator John Inspraker when the Falcon 9 flew up from Cape Canaveral, which is located in Florida, USA. On board were 2500 kilograms of different cargo. However, the spacecraft successfully entered orbit, in connection with which it can be said for sure that its mission to the ISS was completed.

I could not say a few words about the incident and Ilon Musk, who occupies the office of the head of SpaceX. As he wrote in the social network Twitter, the accident occurred due to the fact that the hydraulic pump that controls the "fins" of titanium, did not work, so Falcon 9 had to sit right at sea.

“The engines were able to stabilize rocket rotation at the right moment, and this made its landing safe. The ships that will be engaged in extracting the rocket from the water are already sailing to the appropriate point, ”Musk reported.

It is worth noting that before SpaceX reusable rocket always sat down well. Total launches of this device were twelve.