Estimated "flying saucers" appeared over the mysterious River Mersey in Britain and hit the camera

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Estimated "flying saucers" appeared over the mysterious River Mersey in Britain and hit the camera

In the UK, which is one of the most visited UFO countries, they again noticed something fascinating that somehow concerns the topic of humanoids. According to the domestic press, citing foreign sources, we are talking about strange objects hovering over the River Mersey. Immediately it is worth noting that the phenomena taken on a smartphone, similar to “flying saucers”, also resemble ordinary clouds.

In addition, researchers with a traditional view of things have already said that nothing mystical has happened. Ufologists, like the fans of pseudoscientific works, have a slightly different point of view on this matter.

The 100-meter long Mersey River, originating in the large city of Stockport, Greater Manchester, flows in the north-west of the country and is considered by some extraordinary researchers to be anomalous. A watercourse flowing into the Irish Sea more than once appeared on news concerning very mysterious stories, and it would be strange if Scott Waring, who is a popular specialist in unidentified flying objects, were not interested in the latest events near her.

An ex-teacher from Taiwan, who does not doubt the authenticity of the images currently being discussed on the Internet, suggested that alien spacecraft had sprung up in British airspace. Their conspicuous similarity with the clouds was explained by the conspiratorologist with the intention of the “green men” to go unnoticed.

Estimated "flying saucers" appeared over the mysterious River Mersey in Britain and fell on the camera "typeof =" foaf: Image

As stated by Scott, resourceful aliens with amazing technologies used a disguise, which they often resorted to before. The author of the curious pictures was a local resident, who admitted that the strange disposition of affairs put him in a stupor, because he had never seen anything like it before. The Briton also added that he believes in the existence of an alien civilization, although he cannot be sure that he was able to capture on the camera their aircraft.

Skeptics once again hurried to laugh at content, which, according to Waring, can be called proof that we are not alone in the universe. Regulars of the virtual space found that the famous thinker simply did not know what he was doing, in particular, he completely did not understand how stupid his study of ordinary clots of atmospheric steam, which he also issued as traditional saucer-shaped alien spacecraft, looks.

Proponents of classical scientific beliefs also added that if such “aircrafts” are desired, much can be found in the sky at any time when clouds are clearly visible in the sky.

Mercy attracts abnormal phenomena?

Britons living near the River Mersey say that something mysterious often appears near or above it. Earlier there have already seen UFOs and ghosts. Among other things, last year, on its shore, they found the corpse of a strange creature resembling a terribly deformed dolphin. A frightening find caught the eyes of the inhabitants of Liverpool, located exactly at the place where Mercy flows into the Irish Sea.

Two UFOs in New Jersey caught on video

Prior to this, a similar incident occurred in the US state of New Jersey. Mysterious events experts also linked the mysterious event with aliens. Then two unidentified objects came to the camera, called ufologists by traditional spacecraft of representatives of a foreign civilization. In this case, it was impossible to talk about simple clouds, since the UFOs were moving erratically, and there was a clear impression that they were controlled by someone.