Experts calculate the dust of the one who drilled a hole in the casing of the "Union"

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Experts calculate the dust of the one who drilled a hole in the casing of the "Union"

The crew of the Soyuz MS-08 spacecraft left the International Space Station, taking with it a dust filter from Soyuz MS-09, in which a small hole was found at the end of August, causing air leakage. This will help the specialists to come closer to solving the incident and find the culprits.

In the dust they will look for traces of aluminum, from which the household compartment of a Russian vessel is made. If it turns out that the composition actually contains particles of this metal, it would mean the following: the hole, which caused the depressurization and excitement on board the station, was made in orbit, and not during assembly on Earth.

In September, it became known that the Russian cosmonauts were instructed to try to independently investigate the causes of the hole. As part of the task, a spacewalk will be carried out, scheduled for November 15. The operation will last about two hours.

Air leakage in the Russian segment of the ISS became known on August 30, which was a big sensation. Later it turned out that the cause of the depressurization was the small hole made by the drill in the casing of the Soyuz series transport manned vehicle. After some negotiations with American colleagues, it was decided to seal the hole with a special sealant. In total, several patches were applied. Roscosmos immediately began to investigate the incident, while not excluding the possibility that a sabotage could have occurred on board the station. Suspicion fell on NASA astronauts, but the US space agency made it clear that their employees had nothing to do with it, and so many loud statements to the whole world only spoil relations and poison the atmosphere, which will not affect the good work in any way.