Experts told when to wait for the Blood Super Moon

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Experts told when to wait for the Blood Super Moon

Experts told, when the world sees an exciting celestial spectacle – the Bloody Super Moon. The last time it happened in the middle of the summer of 2018.

A bloody moon will appear on the horizon on January 21, 2019. It remains to wait quite a bit.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming number of regions of Russia will not be able to enjoy the eclipse, since the peak of the phenomenon will be at 05:16 GMT, when there will already be daylight. But residents of European countries, the African and American continents in full will be satisfied with positive emotions from what they see.

There is an opinion that continues from old times, that the Bloody Moon is a sign of impending big troubles. If we take the year 2018, then two super moons fell on his share, and, indeed, these 12 months turned out to be quite generous for various kinds of troubles. The following year, the Blood Moon frightens the mystifiers only once, therefore, following this belief, people will not suffer so much. And what can we say about 2020, in which no eclipse is foreseen at all. Is our planet waiting for peace, love and prosperity? In fact, scientists in the world do not associate with this natural phenomenon in any way, leaving this right to astrologers, ufologists and other individuals who are contrary to official science.