Five UFOs scared residents of a resort town in the USA

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Five UFOs scared residents of a resort town in the USA

In the United States, locals were greatly frightened by five suspicious lights that appeared in the night sky. People thought that these were alien spaceships that were planning to launch an attack. UFOs were captured on video, which then appeared on the Web, shocking a lot of users.

This incident occurred in the American resort town of Myrtle Beach, which is located in South Carolina. It was a late warm night in the yard, when suddenly five brightly glowing objects appeared in the sky. They moved quickly, leaving behind a long fiery tail, characteristic of comets. It looked not only colorful, but also very eerie, especially taking into account the fact that it could be representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

One of the eyewitnesses took out a camera and began to shoot an amazing view of heaven, and according to his comments at this moment you can understand that he is very surprised and even somewhat scared.

People turned to specialists in the field of ufology with a request to understand what had happened. At the moment, independent researchers are closely engaged in the study of UFOs that appeared over American territory. Many Internet users who have familiarized themselves with the video believe that aliens are flying into the frame again, who strongly do not try to hide from human eyes, sometimes acting quite daringly.