"Flying Saucer" endowed Perm photographer with unbounded energy

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"Flying Saucer" endowed Perm photographer with unbounded energy

Unidentified flying objects have recently become frequent with their appearances in different countries of the world, but most of all, it seems, these days, it is the Russian Federation that attracts representatives of alien life. Either the World Cup, now held in this country, attracts them, or something else, but the fact remains that Russia has never seen such UFO activity before. Another confirmation of this opinion was the incident in the Kishert district of the Perm Territory, where a local photographer captured several burning lights resembling the headlights of a classic "flying saucer". According to Mikhail Voskresenskikh, who has already published his creation on the Internet, a mysterious phenomenon has made itself known above the village of Molebka.

It should be noted that the working settlement, which was founded in 1779 at the Alexander Demidov Moleb factory, was always famous for its paranormal activity. At the end of the twentieth century, many researchers even began to put this place on the list of the strangest in the Russian Federation, and a few days ago the village again confirmed its status.

Mikhail, who collaborates with Perm ufologists, purposefully rode with them to the territory with a mysterious past, noticing unusual lights not far from her. On a social network, the photographer emphasized his interest in this event and announced his intention to go to the place where an unidentified object was suspended in the air.

According to the Voskresensky, who quite often travels to the sea on a sailboat, he had never seen anything like it before. At the same time, the master of photography often witnessed various moments shrouded in secrets. Interestingly, during the shooting of a series of lamps of unknown origin, flickering in the dark sky, the man felt much better: he had a good mood, out of nowhere excess energy appeared and his perception of the world changed slightly.

Among experts in such matters, there is an assumption that the photographer was at the so-called point of power, and there is a high probability that it was the aliens who came after her. However, Michael himself is not in a hurry to connect what he saw with an alien civilization, but he does not want to exclude such a reversal.

Perm astronomer Ivan Trapeznikov, in turn, has a slightly different point of view on this subject, and believes that not a spaceship appeared in the sky above the village. An expert from the Perm Planetarium carefully studied the picture and suggested that the frame most likely got lights located on some buildings. What kind of buildings in question are not yet known.

Ivan also told about the story that happened to him about a year ago, when an incomprehensible object with flickering lights moved in different directions in the sky. After studying the circumstances and photos, it became clear that the "hero" of the incident was a regular helicopter. In addition, the same incidents happened to the scientist before, but he could not see the real "flying saucers".