"Flying Saucer" excited shopping service with its appearance

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"Flying Saucer" excited shopping service with its appearance

UFOs in our time can be seen in a variety of places, but on virtual notice boards nothing like this has ever been noticed before. However, representatives of an alien civilization not so long ago filled this gap with their unexpected appearance in the frame near the plant. This story happened at the end of last month, but it became known about it only a few days ago.

According to the dailyhype.ru news site, the alleged "flying saucer" announced itself on June 26. On this day, an advertisement for the sale of a machine-building enterprise was posted on the trading service for entrepreneurs "Altera Invest", accompanied by a corresponding photograph, on which a mysterious disk-shaped object is clearly visible.

The author of the picture was the first to know about the mysterious phenomenon. The photographer became interested in a strange “saucer” in the upper corner of the image, in connection with which he hastened to increase the scale of the image in order to better familiarize himself with it. As it became clear later, something similar to a classic “green man” flying machine hovered over the enterprise during the creation of the photo.

A photographer himself, named Alexander, does not believe in paranormal phenomena, nor in aliens, but he is not going to deny the obvious either. At the moment, the frame from the ad is gaining popularity on the World Wide Web and is being discussed by Internet thinkers. By the way, not all users believe in the authenticity of the material. According to adamant skeptics, most likely this is Photoshop.

“I am by nature a real skeptic, but I can’t believe it in any way. At the same time, I really want to contact specialists in similar matters to deal with them in this situation already. I’m just wondering, these are common problems with a camera, or in the photo there was an alien assembly aircraft. Unfortunately, now it will not be so easy, because I deleted the original image. Then I did not know what I had to notice a "saucer" in the sky above the plant ", – wrote in socially th network author of sensational material.

According to ufologists, a UFO disguised itself as a smoke for a reason, but in order not to catch the eye of earthlings. And such cases when the "flying saucers" want to hide, for example, behind the clouds, occur constantly. According to alternative scientists, aliens who began to fly to us as often as never before had decided to hide better so as not to seem overly naive.

It is no secret that unidentified flying objects have long ceased to be a rarity for residents of the Russian Federation who are not distinguished by a special craving for faith in such phenomena. Another proof of this can be considered a photograph of a Perm photographer, which captures several lights hovering over a forest near the village of Molebka, which is considered a well-known anomalous zone. Even earlier, a woman from Volgograd captured the moment when an alien ship that exploded in the sky almost wrecked, which caused a huge stir among users of social networks.