Found a star system that has refuted the laws of the universe

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Found a star system that has refuted the laws of the universe

Astronomers have found a stellar system that baffled them. That's because this space structure does not fit into the existing laws of the universe. Experts are trying to solve this riddle, but it seems that they are still very far from success.

The center of the system is a star whose age is only 2 million years old, which is almost a second by universal standards. At the same time, four planets revolve around this luminary, and with more than impressive dimensions. The smallest object is comparable to Saturn, but the largest is 11 times larger than Jupiter.

The situation with the orbits of the planets, which are at an incredible distance from each other, is also noteworthy. The orbit of the farthest planet is a thousand times farther from the parent star than the nearest orbit. Previously, experts have never encountered such a thing, so their surprise knew no bounds. If we take for example our system, but Pluto is 102 times farther from the Sun than Mercury. As you can see, the difference is simply colossal.

The star in question is named CI Tau. This object is located in the constellation Taurus and is 500 light-years away.

The largest planet of the system is concurrently and closest to CI Tau, making a full turn in 9 days. Scientists have determined: it belongs to the type of "hot Jupiter", which is surprising, because such planets, as is known, cannot arise so close to a star due to gravity, radiation and stellar winds that neutralize gas clusters.

Perhaps the gas giant originated far from the star, and then just moved a lot closer. But this process takes much longer than two million years (there is so much CI Tau).

According to accepted canons, the formation of a large-sized gas planet takes at least 10 million years. The situation in the CI Tau system is unique; it breaks scientific notions. Help in solving the mystery will help the same system that will allow to get more data, but not the fact that it will ever be able to find.

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