Found another planet in the double star system Kepler-47

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Found another planet in the double star system Kepler-47

Astronomers from the United States of America, working at the University of California in San Diego, reported on the discovery of a hitherto unknown exoplanet in the Kepler-47 dual system located in the constellation Cygnus. Up to this point, science knew only about two planets in this system, which were found in 2012 by the Kepler orbiting telescope.

As the authors of the discovery said, Kepler-47d is seven times larger than the Earth, it is also larger than its “sisters” – Kepler-47b and Kepler-47c. Scientists have admitted that the size of this exoplanet was surprised, because they believed that they would be much more modest.

All three planets of the Kepler-47 system were found using the transit method, observing how objects pass against the background of the star. This method involves the processing of huge amounts of photometer data, engaged in the registration of the luminosity of a celestial body. In this case, it does not do without powerful computers.

It should be said that astronomers assumed the presence of a third planet in a double star system a long time ago, nevertheless, they decided to wait a little bit with an official statement to check everything.