Georgia is going to be the first to do winemaking on Mars

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Georgia is going to be the first to do winemaking on Mars

Georgian scientists set out to continue to promote the traditions of winemaking in their country and outside the planet Earth. Mars will be the place where they will try to make this alcoholic drink.

"The Georgians were the first winemakers in the world, and now we hope to become the pioneers of viticulture on the next planet," said Nikoloz Dobordzhinidze, the developer of a project to produce grapes that can grow on the Red Planet.

A recent discovery proved that Georgians are the first people on earth who began making wine. Archaeologists stumbled upon earthen vessels aged 8 thousand years, where, to their great surprise, they found traces of wine.

Earlier, the US space agency NASA has asked the public to propose interesting solutions for the development and transformation of the still very dismal looking fourth planet of the solar system. To this end, Georgian scientists and businessmen gathered together to prepare a project for the dissemination of winemaking outside the borders of our Earth, and then submit it to NASA for review.

This project was named IX Millennium, and several companies are involved in its development: the Georgian Space Agency, Tbilisi University of Business and Technology, the National Museum and Space Farms.

Scientists have already conducted a study to identify the most resistant to ultraviolet radiation grapes from 525 used in Georgia for making wine. It turned out to be Rkatsiteli, from which a highly valuable wine drink is obtained. Now experts are engaged in obtaining special bacteria that could turn the Martian soil into fertile. According to one of the project participants Marika Tarasashvili, there are already some successes in this direction, the prospects are not bad.

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