Giant "snake": On the Web discuss the most incredible cosmic phenomenon of this year

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Giant "snake": On the Web discuss the most incredible cosmic phenomenon of this year

Maybe our ancestors were not crazy when they saw snakes coming down from heaven? Now this question is justified, since more recently media researchers have noticed something really strange in space and claiming to be the most striking phenomenon of the current year. It was once again succeeded in hitting the Internet by an organization engaged in paranormal occurrences and alien events, which has its own YouTube channel called Disclose Screen The Grimreefar Filthy South. The users of the World Wide Web are simply dumbfounded by the video, where a giant “kite” flies near our planet. At the moment, the verbal opposition of the adherents of traditional science and those who believe in extraterrestrial life has already reached its peak. Both parties tirelessly share their hypotheses on this subject and do not even think of agreeing with each other.

The author of the recording reported that on September 16 during a live broadcast of the National Space Agency, from space showed a hurricane "Florence", which then upset the United States of America. At some point, a mysterious object in the form of a huge worm or snake hit the frame. The viewer fell into a stupor from what he saw, but found the strength to quickly get the camera and capture the unprecedented anomaly. The man was not able to record an unusual broadcast directly through the TV, in connection with which he had to use for this mobile device. The quality of the video for obvious reasons turned out to be far from the best, but the incomprehensible phenomenon is still clearly seen.

As it became known a little later, the video with the same "snake" was shot by an American who knew nothing about the past television air. This was told by an acquaintance of a girl who unsubscribed on the Web the day before. According to the guy, incomprehensible space formation several times changed shape. At the same time, the man added, before his appearance in the frame some other object appeared.

"I have another video created at night. This material is the work of my friend. Everything was recorded from another phone, but with a much better quality. This snake is in a completely different form and looks like a spine. There is a video also another strange object. It seems to be oval and appears before a big snake. What is it? I would really like to know, "someone wrote under the name Editise.

Not without those who criticized the department for the incredible inattention. According to a considerable part of the Internet thinkers, NASA must have noticed the “worm” and somehow argue an amazing moment. But nothing of the agency did not happen, and it introduces some Americans in a stupor. One of the Internet regulars expressed his dissatisfaction on this issue, noting that not very smart people work in the department of aeronautics and space exploration, and they are also engaged in recruitment of personnel to the agency.

“We really have to ask about the people working at the National Space Agency. They seem to be hiring far from the most intelligent people to follow their live broadcast? And this always evolves according to one scenario: we suddenly see something strange through the cameras NASA, we are very surprised, and they just turn a blind eye to it. How can this be? Is it really necessary to do important things? Sometimes it seems that they just sleep while working, and then they wake up and say: “Lord, we probably could miss h about something interesting, "And so it happens and it's just ridiculous.." – resents the user named Frank.

The huge "snake", which had never before been noticed in space, immediately alarmed the public, and especially imaginary lovers of fiction had already sounded the alarm, believing that a huge creature could soon be on Earth. However, such a development, it is considered by researchers, who have taken on a topical issue, is hardly possible.

"At first, I thought it was an ordinary satellite, but then I realized that I was mistaken. It looks too big. I want to believe that the strange phenomenon is not going to people now. I would not like to face it face to face. I can not say that I believe in all the stories of the world, sometimes just some things really scare me. And this is the very case, ”one of the subscribers of the ufological channel got worried.

By the way, many skeptics believe that the huge "snake" has nothing to do with alien life, and is not even connected with space junk. As one of the supporters of rationalism suggested, the video captures the swamp gas reflecting the light of Venus from the meteorological probe, which happens quite often, so the noise raised by it is meaningless.

An acquaintance of a popular ufologist from Taiwan, who, as it turned out, had seen the same thing more than once before, distinguished herself in the comments, but did not tell the public about it, because he immediately realized that this was not surprising.

“I told Scott Waring about a strange“ worm ”about three years ago. It's always there. Periodically, such occurrences make you crazy, but then you get used to them. This is a simple reflection that is full in space. when you shoot a camera on something. In addition, when the sun goes down, you start to see the camera lens reflected in the window, "the subscriber explained.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that mysterious cosmic phenomena make themselves felt on television unplanned. A couple of weeks ago, a video appeared nine years ago on the web, on which a huge unidentified object flies past the International Space Station. Apparently, an incomprehensible anomaly was shown on the NASA channel quite by accident, and today the mysterious content cannot be found even on the official website of the department. According to ufologists, an alien spacecraft appeared near the station, which representatives of the department, of course, guess.