Giant UFO, filmed on the video from the ISS, hit the network

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Giant UFO, filmed on the video from the ISS, hit the network

From the International Space Station before, they used to film the most diverse phenomena with a camera, which were very difficult to explain even to experienced specialists, but now an even more amazing moment came into the frame from the space perspective.

It's no secret that astronauts often talk about UFOs, which they see from the station's porthole, and sometimes even record all this beauty on video. So once again happened a few days ago. The video, of course, was uploaded to YouTube and is now being discussed by the service users who are always hungry for such news, who sleep and see how once again they have to split up into skeptics and conspiracy therapists to knit into the traditional verbal skirmish.

We are talking about a strange heavenly entity, or the object. Something triangular reminded many of the famous American aircraft "Aurora", the existence of which the US Air Force has not yet been recognized. However, the famous aircraft can not be so huge as the object captured from the ISS.

Giant UFO, filmed on the video from the ISS, hit the network "typeof =" foaf: Image

The UFO hit the station webcam on May 26, on Sunday, and was soon demonstrated to the public via the World Wide Web. One of the first researchers who commented on the situation was Scott Waring, who had long been saying that alien spacecraft were in Earth orbit. A popular ufologist believes that the “green men” aircraft was in the lens.

What is remarkable, at first glance, a strange atmospheric "guest" is extremely easy to confuse with an ordinary cloud, but after looking, it becomes clear that he has nothing to do with the heavenly pair. Waring, at least, does not doubt this, although he has been trying lately to be more self-critical and attentive than before. The corresponding video, there Scott examines the incident in detail, appeared on the YouTube channel of the ufologist.

In addition, a researcher from Taiwan used a special computer program, through work with which it became clear that an object of geometrically even shape was visible in the frame. Everyone knows that nature cannot create phenomena with such symmetry. Even those with skeptical views of the world are sure of this. But what is it then? Is it really alien ship?

Scott, who has been dealing with strange celestial objects for a lot of years, as well as mysterious finds on Mars and other planets, always said that representatives of the foreign culture, in whose existence a man is 100% sure, masterly disguise the art. According to the alternative thinker, it was their skill that was removed from the ISS. The aliens tried to pass their huge aircraft behind the cloud, according to Waring.

Giant UFO, filmed on the video from the ISS, hit the network "typeof =" foaf: Image

However, there is another hypothesis. It is also operated by pseudoscientific experts. Some of them believe that clouds can still be formed into geometric patterns, and this is not without reason. The fact is that atmospheric steam, if you believe this version, is distinguished by the ability to think. Maybe not all, but only some of his handful. Intellect, say extraordinary scientists, and gives the clouds the opportunity to do whatever they want.

Mysterious object penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere

Previously, an incredible stir in the network created an unsolved UFO, which appeared in the atmosphere of our planet and somewhere, apparently collapsed. The “Wanderer” was recorded by SpaceX cameras, which were watching the company’s cosmodrome at that moment. Ilon Musk, who created the corporation and is still ruling it, said that he has no idea what destiny the object brought to our lands, as he cannot know anything about the nature of its origin, but they do not believe him in weight.

Some believe that a curious UFO with a burning tail, similar to a grouped octopus, may turn out to be a new invention by an American engineer. As you know, Musk does not always reveal his new projects, and if he does, it is often with some hints.