Ilon Musk called the name of the first space tourist, who will go to the Moon

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Ilon Musk called the name of the first space tourist, who will go to the Moon

Ilon Mask held a special press conference at SpaceX headquarters, in which he announced the name of the first commercial passenger of the BFR transport system leaving for the Moon. The billionaire from Japan, Yusaku Maedzawa, became this lucky man. About how much money will have to fork an Asian, is not reported.

Earlier in SpaceX reported that they managed to sign an agreement with the man who will be the first space tourist. When the flight takes place, it does not say, but the company is pleased with the progress, considering that the most important step has been taken towards the development of this industry.

Mask said that on the way to the earth satellite and back will take four to five days. Maezawa talked to the press, also touching on the timing of a fascinating journey. According to him, it will be realized in five years. The Japanese, who is known for his love of art, added that he would take with him six to eight people who share his insane passion for the beautiful.

By the way, the head of SpaceX does not exclude that he will go to the moon aboard his creation together with Yusaku at the appointed hour, nevertheless, he definitely cannot speak about the dates.

"We will do everything possible so that our rocket will go into space as soon as it is, as far as possible, and so that its safety is as high as possible," Musk said.

Recall that a year ago, the North American inventor and businessman Ilon Mask announced the start of construction of a transport installation called the Big Falcon Rocket. He stressed that the technologies used will be the most complex.