Ilon Musk showed the long-awaited photos of Starship Hopper

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Ilon Musk showed the long-awaited photos of Starship Hopper

The famous inventor from the USA, Ilon Musk, who is the head of SpaceX, published the first pictures of his new creation – a rocket created in the “retro” style and named Starship Hopper, which translates into Russian as “starship-jumper”.

As previously reported, the device will someday send earthlings to the moon or mars. Noteworthy photos of the entrepreneur published in a social network, which attracted the attention of a huge number of its subscribers. I didn’t forget the engineer and remind you that within the next few weeks a new rocket will be sent to the sky for the first time from the spaceport site located in the US Texas.

“A trial version of Starship was organized in the territory of the State of Texas within the walls of SpaceX a few days ago. This is a real photo of the rocket, and not the work of the artist, and not even computer graphics, ”Ilon announced on Twitter.

The primary version of the rocket collected in the city of Boca Chica, which is located on the Gulf Coast in Texas. The approximate diameter of the SpaceX creation is eight meters. At the same time, the same rocket will have exactly the same diameter. However, the length of the prototype was slightly less than the length of the working version of the rocket.

The first flights of prototypes, scheduled for March-April 2019, do not seem to be full-fledged, because the missiles will launch only a few kilometers. The key version of Starship Hopper will be sent to orbit only in June of this year. This will happen with the help of the world famous Super Heavy accelerator.

The new creation of the Mask itself will definitely show itself, but for now SpaceX is content with the constant missions of cargo delivery to the ISS at the expense of the Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon cargo ship.

It is worth noting that at the moment Ilona is working on a new version of the Dragon, which will be used later this year.