Immediately several pilots of airliners alarmed the public, saying that they had seen a UFO over Ireland

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Immediately several pilots of airliners alarmed the public, saying that they had seen a UFO over Ireland

Unidentified flying objects, often called ufologists by alien aircraft, have recently begun to cause inconvenience not only to earthlings, who read with dismay all the news related to the imminent alien invasion, but also to pilots, the seriousness of which allows them to doubt the veracity of their words. It was precisely a few days ago that the pilots reported on the invasion of strange "guests" into someone else's heavenly space, once again alerting particularly imaginary people who believe in the existence of so-called "green men".

According to the domestic news feed referring to British sources, the mysterious incident was registered on November 9 by employees of Virgin Airlines and British Airways, who told about the mysterious lights over Ireland. According to them, the two objects differed incredible speed and inconceivable brightness, almost blinded aviators.

At the moment, an interesting story is considered extremely popular on the Internet and takes a very exciting color. Some of the Network's regulars have already begun to prepare for an alien invasion, despite ridicule from their skeptical opponents.

If you believe the data from, the first woman to know about the presence of unidentified objects in the sky was the female pilot of the Boeing 787, owned by British Airways, who was traveling from Montreal (Canada) to Heathrow (England). At about seven in the morning the aircraft flew over the Irish land and the pilot noticed something strange in the sky.

The non-standard situation forced her to immediately contact the Irish Traffic Control Center of Shannon (Shannon Air Traffic Control). When she called, she asked if there were any military-type exercises in a certain part of the airspace. The answer alerted the pilot because it turned out to be negative. Among other things, Shannon added that nothing like this was visible on their radar, which altogether shocked the interlocutor of the center.

Realizing that the matter was bad, the pilot of the Boeing 787 began to tell the control center workers about how she noticed strange lights near the plane, the speed of which seemed fantastic. As the girl added, the UFOs were moving on the left side of the airliner, then sharply turned off and almost instantly removed from a distance of visibility.

“The light was simply dazzling, the object was removed too quickly, as no one, probably, a plane can. It seems that I happened to notice something really unimaginable, and not similar to aircraft of oncoming courses, ”added the pilot, who now has an entire recording of the talks on the YouTube channel.

However, the mysterious objects did not want to disappear forever, and very soon they were noticed again, only this time it was made by Virgin Airlines, following the flight VS76 from Orlando (USA) to Manchester (England).

According to the pilot, in the sky near the plane, which he was driving at that moment, something mysterious and very similar to a burning meteorite raced. In addition, he soon saw several more of the same objects flying along the same trajectory.

Both airliners in the time of observation UFO stayed at the usual height, in particular, from 8600 km to 12800 km. At the same time, there is information that on the same day such a celestial phenomenon over the Irish territory was also seen by a pilot of another plane, but no details about it were indicated in the media. The Irish Aviation Administration (IAA), in turn, said that the investigation of strange events is already in full swing.

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