In Algeria, a video hit a meteorite hovering above the ground?

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In Algeria, a video hit a meteorite hovering above the ground?

Strange celestial phenomena that occur in different parts of our planet almost daily have long attracted alternative thinkers. Specialists associate some phenomena with representatives of the alien culture, while others see echoes of otherworldly life. But sometimes it gives about itself to know something completely incomprehensible, as it happened once again a week ago in North Africa. According to our media, referring to foreign publications, over Algeria, people noticed something in the form of a fireball, and no one has yet understood the origin of the mysterious anomaly.

Researchers who have long been engaged in such situations have suggested that an unidentified flying object could have been formed outside the Earth. However, to give a final answer to this question, the experts will have to read the interesting story more carefully, and the corresponding video will help them in this matter. One of the eyewitnesses of a curious turn of events managed to remove the luminous phenomenon on a mobile device, so now anyone can appreciate it all on the YouTube service. Followers are already discussing an incomprehensible atmospheric casus and sharing their views with the public on this issue.

An amazing story happened on May 14, Tuesday, in the evening. The author of the sensational video, who had never seen anything like it before, jokingly suggested that we are talking about an ordinary meteorite, which for some reason hovered above the ground. Internet users who fell asleep with “like” marks did not come across such content. The video, which lasts almost two minutes and posted by experts on the channel of the Disclose Screen 'The Grimreefar', is rapidly gaining popularity. At the moment it has eight thousand views and a bunch of comments.

The video demonstrates an incomprehensible burning ball in which the outline of the cross can be seen. The ufologists were not left aside, not excluding that the spacecraft of the “green men” could get into the frame. According to one of their hypotheses, aliens have suffered distress, and now, perhaps, their aircraft is lying somewhere, and they are still alive. It is naturally difficult to believe in this conclusion, but it also has the right to exist. Interestingly, some network regulars decided that it really was a heavenly stone. Not really, however, it is clear how the meteorite could hover in the air.

Considering the fact that many viewers noticed a cross in a fiery object, it was not without those who linked the shocking arrangement of things with a sign from the Lord himself. Local believers were especially interested in such a layout. At the same time, there is nothing good, as it seems to them, in this message. Those who called the video a fake, also declared themselves in the comments.

“The roofs of houses are visible. In other words, the video was made in the village, not in the desert. Was there really no one else who could also fix this phenomenon? Muddy is somehow all. Not too much like the truth, ”wrote one of the Russian-speaking subscribers.

Other users agreed that in the video you can see testing of new climate weapons, the creators of which, of course, never admit this.

Some more oddities of our world

A week ago, at least an attractive moment hit the video in Argentina. As the press wrote, on May 15, the contour of Jesus Christ itself appeared above the city of San Salvador de Jujuy. The incredible picture then greatly interested local Catholics, who came to the conclusion that the Lord was trying to tell us something important.

Prior to this, anomalous formation was removed in Canada. In this case, the frame got something in the form of a giant eye. And it would be strange if the main part of the witnesses of the event did not think that this eye belongs to the Lord.