In Argentina, a night UFO scared locals

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In Argentina, a night UFO scared locals

A resident of Argentina witnessed the appearance of UFOs in the evening in the countryside, near the town of Chos Malal. The woman admitted that she was seriously scared by what she saw, but still found the strength to photograph a celestial anomaly.

“At that time I was 50 kilometers from my home, when the night sky suddenly lit up with bright lights. My mother panicked, because we could not explain what happened at all,” recalls Marisa San Martin.

She also said that a mysterious object appeared at half past eight in the evening, flying above the ground at a low altitude from the side of Chos-Malal.

“It was about 6 meters above the ground, and we watched it for about 20 minutes, then he left. By the way, a couple of years ago something similar happened in these parts.”

You might think that it was a drone, but San Martin assures: it was definitely not him, since the mountainous terrain where the flying object was discovered is very difficult to access for equipment controlling such devices.

The Argentinean added that a large number of people took this event as a joke, but there are eyewitnesses who say that they watched UFOs in the city itself.