In Argentina, a watchman met with a humanoid face to face

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In Argentina, a watchman met with a humanoid face to face

A new appearance of the alleged representative of extraterrestrial civilization was recorded in the Argentine city of Cordoba. The local resident who photographed the strange incident on the camera of a mobile device told about the incident. As the man, who works as a security guard, confessed, the meeting with the stranger frightened him so much that he still cannot recover. The movie with the mysterious case is currently on YouTube and is being discussed by lots of fans of such incidents. Internet thinkers have already managed to split into skeptics and their opponents, trying to understand what the watchman actually encountered a few days ago.

As an eyewitness by the name of Eduardo said, he managed to notice the inexplicable during the next check of the field, on which mysterious circles were previously discovered. At the same time, at first he had no particular desire to come closer to them, but then the guard decided to investigate the point where the so-called "flying saucers" sat down. Together with the dog, he decided to come close to the circles from which the smoke emanated. Soon the Argentinian noticed some creature, after which he tried to leave the gloomy place by hook or by crook.

Skeptics in this case are traditionally in no hurry to believe that the remarkable material is genuine. According to ardent adherents of traditional science, the watchman simply wanted to become famous and came up with an interesting story, brightening it up with a fake video. Ufologists, in turn, have no doubt that in fact there was another meeting of the earthling with the "green man" who performed a certain mission in the field. Eduardo himself admitted that he had never before encountered such creatures and could not determine the nature of his origin.

“I felt fear even before the appearance of an incomprehensible creature, and only then noticed something like an animal and sitting on the ground. I even had to use a weapon – I shot into the air, trying to scare the night“ guest. ”I shouted and began to run away. It’s still hard for me to explain what happened, ”Eduardo said.

Some users of the World Wide Web were disappointed in the quality of the entertaining content provided by the guard. Someone also noted that an eyewitness to a possible humanoid escaped too quickly. However, as the guard explained, he was worried about his life, and therefore could not lose a single second at that moment.

Earlier, several American women told about meetings with aliens to relevant researchers. The women spoke not only about the features relating to the appearance of the newcomers, but also about the topics of conversations with them. If you believe the people who were abducted by representatives of extraterrestrial life, then some people know everything about the future of our planet, while having the ability to regulate future events with the help of people. Interestingly, one of those who broadcast such meetings with space wanderers was the famous writer Janet Kira Lessin, who considers herself an alien.