In Argentina, the invisible dragon fired huge flames, sowing panic among the locals

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In Argentina, the invisible dragon fired huge flames, sowing panic among the locals

Argentina, which has recently occupied a worthy place in the list of the countries most visited by unidentified flying objects, over the years has seen enough of various celestial anomalies. But the Argentines are known for their enthusiasm, so they have repeatedly said that only a dragon was not seen in their airspace. Many, of course, were confident that the appearance of a fairy-tale character would remain solely in the dreams of science fiction lovers, but the dragon did arrive. At least, it seems, it was his flame that swept a few days ago over Buenos Aires.

One of the residents of the capital even managed to capture a striking event on a mobile device, and therefore unprecedented content can now be found on YouTube, in particular, in the collection of the famous UFO Institute channel, which has several thousand subscribers. Mysterious material is gaining popularity, as well as comments of skeptics and those who contradict their straightforward hypotheses.

As the Russian portal VladTime writes, the fiery phenomenon of impressive size immediately shocked the eyewitnesses who connected it with the mythical animal. The dragon itself was not visible, but from nowhere fire appeared very much like the breath of this creature. As local residents told, the occurrence so quickly flew over the settlement, that many did not even have time to make out a strange object well.

At the same time, the townspeople unanimously declared that they had never seen such a thing before. It seems to some Argentines that the celestial structure that struck the imagination could not be created by man and can hardly relate to natural formations. At the end of his flight, an unusual air wanderer unexpectedly split into several pieces, which, in turn, also began to quickly dissolve. An amusing incident occurred on September 23.

However, one person, before meeting with a similar fiery "guest", was still found. Argentinean Paul Walton was spotted among commentators discussing a remarkable video. The guy hurried to inform the public that not so long ago he accidentally happened to see an incomprehensible fire too.

"I saw something exactly the same when I returned home after the trip. I, of course, could not recognize this object. It seems that the experts should do it. It is very strange," the user wrote.

"This is a large solar minimum. Plasma jets sometimes increase. In ancient times, such phenomena were called dragons," – tried to help understand the situation of a different Internet thinker.

By the way, not everyone agreed with the solar hypothesis. Non-traditional scientific luminaries, for example, are confident that the main star of our system can not create anything like that. Among other things, the fiery object, as can be seen in the video, moves as if it has a mind, and not a single rocket, like its parts, flies along such a trajectory. In other words, specialists in strange moments are not yet ready to talk about any official verdicts. Now it’s only clear that the material is not the product of a good old photoshop.

They did not miss the opportunity to discuss the fresh riddle and workers of ufological organizations. According to researchers chasing the "green men," the celestial fire, which, they are sure, has nothing to do with dragons, may be a plume from an alien-made spacecraft. It is no secret that recently the so-called "flying saucers" continually fall in different countries, while getting on the video, which is why the case in Buenos Aires may turn out to be another crash of a flying vessel of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Moreover, ufologists have already suggested that the saucer-like apparatus looked at the moment of disaster as if it had been hit.

Some netizens who are especially religious immediately associated a fiery appearance with a divine sign. True, believers cannot explain this sign, but the mystics have an assumption about it. Not so long ago, the legendary planet Nibiru, frightening all especially imaginary earthlings, was very popular in the media. Although this space object is not officially existing, someone still assures that it is moving to Earth at tremendous speed and very soon will be the cause of the Apocalypse, and it was about the end of the world that was quick to remind the supposed invisible dragon to the Argentines.

Other independent thinkers believe that the author of the video is simply trying to deceive everyone and miraculously created a material called authentic even by experts. There were also those who considered what they saw in the video as echoes of checking new military developments, which are in secret and compelling the government not to comment on the mysterious incident.

A few days ago, a similar phenomenon appeared right next to the globe and fell into the lens of the National Space Agency, after which it was shown on a television project. Then the owner of the YouTube channel Disclose Screen The Grimreefar Filthy South published a video with a space formation in the form of a huge snake, caught in the frame of one of the programs, in which a hurricane with the name "Florence", recently upsetting the United States, was demonstrated from space. The big anomaly frightened the audience, who began to speculate about what would happen if the alleged creature was on the ground.

Interestingly, the famous media ufologist Scott Waring did not even discuss the snake-like occurrence, because he had previously stumbled upon him more than once. A specialist in unearthly riddles explained the nature of the object's formation only to her acquaintance, and she, in turn, conveyed the truth to other people. As the woman said, the researcher considers the huge “snake” to be an ordinary cosmic reflection, often confusing people, as it happened during the TV show.