In Argentina, there was a port for aliens

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In Argentina, there was a port for aliens

Swiss Werner Jaisl, who told the whole world that he was in contact with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, and who left his home country for a reason connected with the same humanoids, shared his unique work – a port for UFOs. A special territory for spacecraft landings was created in Argentina, where a man left ten years ago. Now his project is completely ready, and there is an extraordinary site a few kilometers from the city of Kachi. Strangely enough, the aliens asked him to do a very unusual job, which the guy could not refuse. As a result, as you can see in the corresponding pictures taken from the height of bird flight, the creation turned out to be incredibly attractive.

Do not forget to tell Werner about his communication with the "green men". According to the Swiss enthusiast, this happened at the end of 2008, when he rested in Italy. Once in the sky, bright balls were formed, which enlarged and hypnotized a young man. Then from the objects suddenly came the dazzling rays of light falling on both the Swiss and the people who stood at that moment next to him. According to Jasley, it was then that he was given an order of a telepathic kind, according to which he had to build a port for spacecraft in a certain place. At the same time, the incident had no effect on those who also received a portion of the light that day. Not daring to go in defiance of the newcomers, the man immediately went to the place that he was appointed, after which he began to build a port for "flying saucers."

It is noteworthy that the desert of Salta, where Jasley built an alien port, is famous for its mysterious events and attracts researchers interested in such issues. According to local residents, unidentified flying objects in this area often see a crane. It was there that, as a result of long work, the Swiss created an interesting object that resembles a star with numerous rays. The guy made a complicated pattern of black and light stones. Near the object, he also laid out mysterious patterns, the purpose of which is still a secret to the public.

The creation of Werner quickly achieved popularity with tourists arriving to look at the star from all over the world. However, the alien ships over the mysterious "platform" have not yet been noticed, and no one has seen Jasley for about five years. The Swiss seemed to evaporate. According to some reports, a few years ago he was spotted in Bolivia.

One of the most famous ports for UFOs, according to some ufologists, is to consider "Zone 51" – a secret military base located in Nevada. Non-traditional scientists have no doubt that the mysterious complex has long accepted aliens and has been studying their comic ships. In addition, the media often writes that the government of the United States of America has long been aware of the existence of aliens, but does not want to share this information with the public.