In China, noticed the "Eye of God"

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In China, noticed the "Eye of God"

Residents of the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia witnessed a very remarkable and mysterious phenomenon. According to the Russian press, in the sky, darkened by the evening time of the day, something very similar to a giant eye was formed. The regulars on the World Wide Web, who got acquainted with the photographs taken by witnesses of the mysterious formation, even started talking about the real divine eye. Such an explanation of what happened, of course, is more like a fiction than a real arrangement of things, but to ignore the fact that Asians have never seen anything like it before is also not worth it, since the cloudy appearance in the pictures looks really incredibly strange.

However, as it is easy to notice on the frames, we are talking about an almost full moon and a cloud covering it, striking an incomprehensible concept. And at first glance it might seem that in the nature of the origin of the celestial "eye" there is nothing surprising, but it is still strange that the cloud and satellite of the Earth are located in such an interesting way. More or less religious Chinese do not exclude that a sign hit the camera lens. At the same time, believing Chinese cannot say exactly what the divine sign is driving towards. According to them, the Almighty either prepares people for something not very pleasant, or is going to please them with something good. There is also an opinion that the Lord simply recalled that he was watching us all.

Skeptics are not at all surprised by the photographs and believe that they should not be popularized, because this can happen anywhere in the world. This is just a cloud and the moon, adherents of the traditional mindset say, and if you take into account everything that happens in the sky, you can admire every second photograph that captures the sky.

It’s no secret that China is considered a closed-format country, and therefore stories about unidentified flying objects, as well as news related to other air riddles, rarely appear in the media located abroad when they make themselves known in this country. The strict arrangement of affairs is due to the restriction by the Chinese authorities of the use of the Internet. But according to rumors, Inner Mongolia is famous among the Chinese for its strange events. People who have been in the area or are still there, talk about inexplicable phenomena, referred to the possible existence of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization and other worlds. As you know, the citizens of China in their entire mass do not exclude that there is an afterlife and “green men”.

At the end of May of this year, a huge "eye" in the sky was also seen on the territory of Ukraine. The author of the corresponding picture taken in Odessa by accident was the artist Olga Yarovaya. Then the woman also declared that the Lord himself looked at her from the clouds. By the way, the creative person did not insist on her opinion, making him only a modest assumption.