In Hungary, lightning hit a UFO

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In Hungary, lightning hit a UFO

For researchers dealing with issues related to unidentified flying objects, the hypothesis that alien ships are charged by lightning has long been very popular, but from time to time such an assumption loses its meaning. In particular, this happens when celestial charges damage or completely knock down a UFO, as it happened a few days ago in the airspace of Hungary.

One of the eyewitnesses even filmed a mysterious incident on the camera of a mobile device, once again proving that the aircraft of the alien assembly are not as invulnerable as it seems to many. This story was quite remarkable for the users of the World Wide Web, in connection with which both skeptics and classical science advocates are now actively discussing a strange event on the popular YouTube service.

As the author of the amusing content told, he was not going to shoot the spacecraft, just wanting to capture the stormy skies. However, at some point an unidentified object appeared in the frame, so the young man accidentally recorded it on camera. Above all, the witness was able to photograph the moment when lightning struck the object. The man does not know exactly what the nature of the heavenly "guest" is, but he has almost no doubt that after such a strong blow he had to endure disaster. The witness to the incident also noted that the alleged alien craft was distinguished by dazzling brightness.

Skeptics, in turn, traditionally hurried to dispel the myth of the "green men", calling the seemingly remarkable clip an ordinary fake. Internet thinkers, who consider ufology to be a meaningless science, recognized only a thunderstorm as a real phenomenon on video. According to them, an unidentified object appeared near it only thanks to the good old Photoshop. But some commentators, who called themselves residents of the locality where a mysterious incident occurred, do not doubt the authenticity of the material. The accident with the participation of UFOs was seen not only by the author of the video, and this can be called proof that everything happened in reality.

According to saucer-shaped hunters, the spacecraft was hit by lightning due to its unavailability for such a development. Ufologists still have no doubt that the "flying saucers" can not only easily fend off such attacks of nature, but also use the charge as fuel. Researchers also often told that the aliens were charging from sunlight, flying very close to a giant star.

As for the fall of the UFOs, they are now quite often began to write news publications about them. Not so long ago, a similar incident was recorded in Scotland, and before that something similar was seen in Mexico and the Russian Federation. In none of these cases were there any debris found at the alleged crash site.